#11 Dulce Dream by DREAM Eliquid Review


#11 Dulce Dream by Dream Smoke is a subtly sweet, new age blend that combines a variety of rich and timeless dessert flavors. This eliquid utilizes USP grade VG and PG from within the United States. The nicotine is 99.99% pure and is naturally sourced from Nicotiana plant leaves. Everything is then checked off by an independent lab and also evaluated by FEMA ( Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association ).

This is by far one of the best quality ejuices I have had to date. You can really taste the premium ingredients. I experienced no chemical hits or bad after taste when vaping on #11 Dulce Dream. This ejuice was also relatively kind to my coils, doing minimal damage. I think this goes hand in hand with the minute amount of sweetener used.

#11 Dulce Dream by Dream Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in #11 Dulce Dream include vanilla, white chocolate, hazelnut and caramel. The layering for this mix is superb. I was easily able to distinguish each authentic tasting concentrate. On the inhale you are treated to a supple caramel flavor, followed by a slightly bitter but enjoyable hazelnut. That is quickly followed up by a creamy and sweet white chocolate. All flavors combine on the exhale providing a memorable vape.

I love how they didn’t go heavy on the sugar and instead made a real tasting blend. I would highly recommend dessert and nut lovers to try this vape juice out. Make sure to give #11 Dulce Dream a good crack. The lack of surplus sweetener that most USA eliquids contain, may take some getting used to.

#11 Dulce Dream by Dream Vape Juice Review


You can get yourself a 30ml bottle for around $21.99 USD. Slightly expensive, but nothing too crazy. I was lucky enough to find mine in a recent eliquid subscription order from Zample Box. If you like trying out new ejuices that are cheap, I would suggest you check them out. The ratio is 70VG/30PG, which is perfect for performing vape tricks. #11 Dulce Dream is available with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg or nicotine.

#11 Dulce Dream by Dream Eliquid USA Review


The label design isn’t that flashy or even descriptive. The glass dripper didn’t work that great and the top cap refused to close properly. I feel as though they spent a lot of time on the product and forgot about the presentation. Either way I was happy to have tried this eliquid out, despite the average appearance.

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#11 Dulce Dream by Dream Eliquid
Premium Quality Ingredients
Fantastic Flavor Profile
Average Label Design