5 Best RDAs for Flavor and Clouds 2021

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Are you looking for the best RDA in 2021? We Vape Mods have composed a top 5 list of the best RDAs to ever be released. This includes some popular flavor focused RDAs like the Wotofo Profile Mesh and also big cloud chasing RDA’s like the Vaping Bogan Bonza V1.5. All rebuildable dripping atomizers listed below feature relatively easy to build on deck designs, perfect for any level of vaper.

Top 5 RDAs Ever Released

Choosing the best RDAs for this list was no easy feat. We personally love RDAs that are uncomplicated and require limited building knowledge to work. Innovation and also smart engineering was key to being featured. After many hours of deliberating, We Vape Mods have produced what we think are some of the top 5 RDA’s to ever be released over the past few years.

Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA

1. Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA

The Recurve Dual RDA was one of the best rebuildable dripping atomizer to hit shelves in 2020. Manufactured by Wotofo, in collaboration with well known YouTube vape reviewer, Mike Vapes. This follows up the original Recurve RDA, with the main change being that it can now accommodate dual coils. It also boasts a larger build deck for easy installation and more airflow which produces some fantastic flavor.

As mentioned, it’s a breeze to build on the new Recurve Dual RDA. Just cut your coil legs, drop them in and tighten the grub screws. This top RDA is so great for new builders or fan favorites of the previous rendition. It’s available in a wide variety of colors and also comes with a beautiful resin drip tip. Wotofo has ingeniously made it slightly thicker so to help with the overall heat resistance.

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Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza V1.5 RDA

2. Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza V1.5 RDA

The Bonza V1.5 is another reinvented device to make our best RDA list. Manufactured by Vandy Vape, in collaboration with Australian YouTube vape reviewer, Vaping Bogan. Well known by his fans for his no-nonsense attitude, the Bonza V1.5 RDA takes a similar approach. The classic shape, minimal decoration, and straightforward build deck make for an easy to use, vaper friendly RDA.

Measuring in at 24mm’s, with a massive 9mm juice well, this dual post RDA utilizes a clamp system and new airflow slot. The flavor and clouds that the Vandy Vape x Vaping Bogan Bonza V1.5 RDA can produce are amazing! It also features a hybrid friendly 510 pin, which means it’s safe to use on mechanical vapes. Of course, you can use this rebuildable dripping atomizer with almost any mod, including squonkers.

Hellvape x Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA

3. Hellvape x Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA

The Hellvape Rebirth RDA has been designed in collaboration with well known YouTube vape reviewer, Mike Vapes. He has worked with quite a few manufacturers like Augvape and Wotofo. It features superb airflow, that has been ingeniously engineered. Two large honeycomb ports funnel air directly underneath your coils. This provides the best flavor possible from a single and also dual coil setup.

The deck design consists of dual posts that can accommodate some relatively beefy coils. If you’re going dual coils, you’ll need to share one of two posts, meaning a slight learning curve. The Hellvape x Mike Vapes Rebirth RDA is an aesthetically pleasing device. Minimal branding is present and the form of the RDA is quite nice. The 810 cobra drip tip feels comfortable on the lips when vaping and it also comes in a variety of cool colors.

Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA

4. Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA

The Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA is a personal favorite of mine and has been since its first release in late 2018. Designed in collaboration with Mrjustright1, the Profile Mesh RDA utilizes a post-less deck design and new mesh strip technology. If you’re a flavor chaser, you’ll want to add this RDA to your collection. I have yet to find a conventional coil that can provide better flavor in comparison to mesh.

The ceramic, spring-loaded deck is super easy to build on because there are no posts and it utilizes big clamp style contacts. All you need to do is curve your mesh coil strip, slot it in and tighten the screws. This type of material also benefits from limited prime time. The overall heat is much better dispersed, providing better flavor and clouds as a result. The Wotofo Profile Mesh is a great RDA for any DIY builder.

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528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA

5. 528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA

The 528 Custom Vapes Goon RDA is an older device but has successfully stood the test of time. It can hold its own to any of the RDA’s on this top 5 list. The main positive about this product is that the Goon is USA made and owned. As a result, the finish and performance are superb and much better than most Chinese made RDA’s. Measuring 25mm’s in diameter, the construction is mostly stainless steel.

The dual post bridge clamps make building relatively easy. I had no problem installing big fat coils in the Goon RDA. Everything is held in place by four heavy-duty hex screws. On either side of the RDA is three holes that supply smooth airflow, tasty flavor and also lots of clouds. The Ultem ring just under the drip tip provides great heat resistance, allowing for longer puffs.

What is an RDA?

What is an RDA?

The acronym RDA stands for ‘Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer’. RDA’s require the vaper to manually add juice to their coils and wicks. While on the surface this may seem inconvenient, RDA’s usually provide much better flavor and cloud production than a standard sub-ohm tank. RDA’s can be easily identifiable because they contain the following components,

  • Handmade coil/s
  • Build deck
  • Airflow slots
  • Top cap

Most RDA’s can be set up and used with a squonk box mod. Your ejuice is fed up from a squeezable bottle, into the atomizer, through a squonk ready 510 pin. RDA’s usually feature a juice well underneath the deck that can hold a small amount of eliquid. RDA’s are known to be much easier to build on than RTA’s. This is because the wicking doesn’t have to be perfect for it to vape well.

How do RDA’s work?

In layman terms, an RDA works as follows,

  1. Install your handmade coil or coils into the deck.
  2. A standard deck will contain a positive and negative post.
  3. These posts will utilize grub screws to hold your coils in place.
  4. Alternately your RDA may have a post-less deck, or a clamp style design. Either way, the same positive and negative principle is still applied.
  5. Once your coils are locked in, you will need to prime them. Pulse your mod or ohm reader, while strumming the coils with ceramic tweezers.
  6. What your looking out for is that the coils are heating up from the inside out. Also, make sure you don’t have any heat spots.
  7. Once your coils are glowing evenly, let them cool down before wicking.
  8. Insert your cotton through each coil, fluff out and trim to the base of your atomizer.
  9. Drip or squonk eliquid to saturate your cotton and coils.
  10. During the heating process, the eliquid will turn to vapor.

The most important thing to remember when using an RDA is to keep your coils and wicks soaked in ejuice. If you don’t, you’ll take a dry hit. This is very unpleasant and tastes like burnt cotton. Don’t stress if you experience a dry hit, it happens to the best of us. Just have a big swig of water and keep on vaping!

Different types of RDA's

Different types of RDA’s

RDA’s come in many different shapes and sizes. They can also serve different purposes and utilize special materials. First off you have RDA’s that can accommodate either a single or dual coil setup. Some more exotic build decks can hold even more coils! Airflow can be fixed or more commonly adjustable to the vaper’s liking. The airflow can also be positioned in the bottom, middle or top.

What are the advantages of using an RDA?

There are many advantages of using an RDA that include better flavor and clouds in comparison to a standard sub-ohm tank. Though in saying that, mesh sub-ohm tanks are starting to taste pretty good in 2021. RDA’s are also very cost-efficient. A handmade coil and good quality cotton will last much longer than a premade coil. Some hand made coils can last for months if taken care of.

What are the disadvantages of using an RDA?

What are the disadvantages of using an RDA?

Some disadvantages of using an RDA include the steep learning curve. Finding out how to safely build and use an RDA can take some practice. You also are slightly restricted on eliquid capacity if not utilizing a squonker. Changing your cotton over each week does take longer in contrast to the plug and play vaping solutions currently on the market.

Comment down below what you think is the best RDA is.

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