5 Best Vape Cotton Brands To Wick Your Coils

5 Best Vape Cotton Brands To Wick Your Coils
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Are you looking for the best vape cotton to wick your coils with? We Vape Mods have composed a top 5 list of our personal favorites. This includes some best selling brands like Cotton Bacon and some newer up-and-coming brands like Wotofo Cotton. We’ve made sure to include a good mix of sheet and also ready-to-use strip varieties. All vape cotton products listed below are 100% organic, chemical-free, and also great tasting.

Best Cotton For Vaping List

Choosing the best vape cotton can be hard, with so many choices available online and in-store. It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking an RDA, RTA, or RDTA, you’re going to need some cotton to wick up your coils. Some manufacturers do include vape cotton with their kits, but they are usually of poor quality. Why not spend the extra $5 and get yourself some top-rated vape cotton!

Vapefly Firebolt Vape Cotton

1. Vapefly Firebolt Vape Cotton

Vapefly is a relatively new Chinese manufacturer that has made a big splash in the vape cotton market. In a few short years since establishing themselves in 2017, Vapefly has become the leader in producing natural wicking cotton for vaping. Their ready-made strips are perfect for 3mm pre-built coils.

Sourced from Japan, their organic cotton contains no harmful chemicals like bleach, acetone, or glue. In total, a standard pouch has 70mm’s or so of usable cotton. Vapefly’s cotton wicks up a treat and also has a great absorption rate.

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Cotton Bacon Prime

2. Cotton Bacon Prime

Wick ‘N’ Vape was one of the first companies to sell cotton for rebuildable vaping. Their best selling product is the USA made Cotton Bacon Prime. This is because it’s by far one of the best tasting organic cotton strips currently available.

It features zero break-in time and absorbs eliquid 33% faster than Cotton Bacon V2. It’s also pesticide-free and has no impurities or natural oils. This is made possible by their rigorous refining process that ensures the only thing you’ll be tasting is your ejuice. Included in your resealable pouch is 10 strips that are 4 inches long.

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Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

3. Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

Kendo vape cotton is sourced from Japan and boasts low flavor retention. This is perfect for drippers that love to change flavors often because it doesn’t require you to re-wick as often. Similar to Cotton Bacon, it absorbs twice as quickly when compared to some other brands on the market and it also features an impressive heat resistant range. I was able to chain vape at high wattages without the cotton going dry.

Kendo vape cotton is 100% natural, pesticide-free, and unbleached. As a result, it’s tasteless and ready to go, straight out of the bag. Each satchel contains 1.2 meters of organic cotton strands. I personally prefer the Gold Edition because it saturates a bit quicker than the original.

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COTN Threads

4. COTN Threads

COTN is a great shoelace style vape cotton alternative that makes wicking your rebuildable devices a breeze. Its organic cotton is American grown and manufactured. As with all good cotton brands, it contains no bleach and is pharmacy grade. Each one of the included 20 pieces will fit any 3mm pre-built coil perfectly. They are 11m’s in length, allowing ampule wicking room. The pouch is resealable to maintain quality and freshness.

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Wotofo Vape Cotton

5. Wotofo Vape Cotton

Wotofo has recently made the leap from a hardware manufacturer to an organic vape cotton producer. Their agleted cotton has been specifically designed to save time and prevent wastage.  The long fibers can soak up a substantial amount of eliquid, while still retaining its form and not breaking apart. Each one of the ready-to-use 30 pieces will fit a 3mm pre-built coil. The included plastic container works great as a carry case and will keep your cotton dry while wicking on the go.

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What Is Vape Cotton?

What Is Vape Cotton?

Vape cotton is a material used by vapers to wick rebuildable devices. Most cotton products sold in 2019 are 100% organic and chemical-free. The cotton used for wicking is usually grown by high-cost producers in America or Japan. You can tell how good a piece of cotton is by its absorption rate and how well it retains eliquid. Vape cotton is most commonly sold as sheets or aglets.

  • Cotton Sheets need to be cut or torn to a specific size before wicking. The amount of cotton used is dependent on your coil size. In the beginning, you may grab too little or too much. This will happen less as you gain experience and also familiarize yourself with the particular cotton brand. Using a sheet allows the vaper to wick varied coil sizes.
  • Cotton Aglets are ready to use wick shoelaces. The amount of cotton used is pre-cut for a specific coil size. Aglets are a great option for new vapers because it takes the guesswork out of how much cotton to use. They are a relatively new idea that is slowly becoming more popular than conventional sheet wicking. The only downside is you can’t wick different sized coils.

How To Wick With Vape Cotton?

Follow the steps below to wick your rebuildable device with vape cotton.

  1. Prepare your cotton: Cut or tear your sheet cotton. Make sure to use the right amount or you will experience dry hits. This is the cotton burning because it’s not able to be fully saturated. If you’re using aglet cotton, then no need to prepare.
  2. Twist and pull: Insert and pull the cotton through your coil. Twisting and rolling one end of your cotton into a point makes this process much easier. You want to make sure there is some tension on your cotton once inserted, but not enough to warp the whole build.
  3. Measure and cut: You can use the bottom of your atomizer as a good indicator of where to cut. This gives you just enough length to reach your deck. If you experience any dry hits, try cutting your wicks at an angle to prevent clogging.
  4. Fluff your wick: To ensure your cotton doesn’t bunch up, give each end a quick fluff with some tweezers. You can also thin out either side if each side isn’t even.
  5. Tuck your ends: Once you’re happy with your wicking, tuck each end into the sides of your deck. This can be done easily with a pair of tweezers. Take care not to stuff the cotton in too tight.

Congratulations on learning how to wick a coil with cotton. Keep in mind it will become easier with practice. If you’re not too sure how to wick a particular setup, just reference back to this article or watch a Youtube tutorial.

Does The Brand Of Vaping Cotton Really Matter?

Does The Brand Of Vaping Cotton Matter?

Not all vape cotton products are made equal. Some brands grow and refine much better quality cotton than others. One important factor you should take into consideration is how much heat your cotton can handle. For example, a brand like Wick ‘N’ Vape performs superbly under high temperatures.

You also need to factor in each brand’s cotton taste. While most brands claim to produce a tasteless product, there is always some hint of individual flavor. So it’s best to experiment with a few different brands before making up your mind on what to buy in bulk.

The History Of Vaping Cotton

Cotton designed for vaping wasn’t always a thing. Only a few years or so ago vapers had to use cotton balls from their local drug store for wicking. This is because vaping wasn’t as popular as it is in 2021. The cotton balls contained bleach and other harmful chemicals that had to be boiled down dried before use.

Comment down below what your favorite vape cotton brand is? We would love to hear your thoughts.