ABAY Starter Kit Pod System Review

ABAY Starter Kit Pod System Review
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The ABAY Starter Kit Pod System is satisfying, convenient and discreet. ABAY provides a whole new vaping experience that’s definitely worth checking out. If your familiar with JUUL, this product is similar, but better in many ways. The main differences include twice as much eliquid, universal charging, great rewards program and no big tobacco affiliation.


The ABAY is a premium pod system that has been constructed from the best possible materials. It features a ceramic cell vaporizer meaning no cotton or wicks to worry about. The airflow is great and the battery lasts a long time. If your a frequent vaper like me, you can opt in for a ABAY portable charger case. It’s good for five charges, and never ending clouds.

ABAY Starter Kit Vape Pod System Review


ABAY offer a huge range of flavors to choose from like melon ice, mango, mint, dessert and tobacco. My favorite was melon ice. It’s a cool and refreshing melon flavor. Each pod hit’s super smooth, with each puff delivering the ideal amount of nicotine without masking the overall flavor. I was able to produce decent clouds and experienced no throat burning or weird after taste.


The ABAY Pod Starter Kit sells for $29.99 USD. A 4 pack of 5% nicotine pods go for $17.99 USD. I think this is fantastic value for money, taking into consideration that it’s $2.81 USD per ml for ABAY verses $5.71 USD per ml for JUUL. This is perfect for new vapers making the tough transition from smoking to vaping.

ABAY Starter Kit Pod System USA Review


The packaging is modern and aesthetically pleasing. On the front is a beautiful picture of your ABAY pod device, with minimal branding on either side. On the back are some specifications and contents. Overall the simple yet visually appealing design gives you a great impression of whats inside.

The basic ABAY Starter Kit includes a battery, USB charger cable and 1 x tobacco flavored pod. The charger cable is really good quailty and makes me wish my cellphone provider would go the extra mile with their material selection. The ABAY Starter Kit Pod System is available in a sleek matte black color and also some limited edition patterns.

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ABAY Starter Kit Pod System
Twice As Much Eliquid
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