Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit Review

Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit Review
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The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit is an interesting vape device that boasts a fun LED gimmick. I’m not normally a fan of flashing lights, but the disposable nature of this product and the cheap price tag made it appealing. The device features a decent sized battery and eliquid capacity. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of flavors and even different power levels. Keep reading to find out how it performs and if I’d recommend it or not.

Acrohm is a relatively new vape company that’s made quite a name for itself in 2018. Its first release was a LED mech tube that lit up when shaken. People loved it! This included YouTube personalities like Matt from SMM, Mike Vapes, and also Sophie Vapes. Its next release was a pod system called the Fush Nano. It resembled the previous rendition, but at a smaller scale.

Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit 350 Puffs 400mAh Review


The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod is roughly the same size as a Sharpie. It measures 18mm’s by 105mm’s or 18mm’s by 115mm’s ( depending on which type you have ). The disposable pod can come with a 400mAh or much larger 550mAh internal battery. As with all disposable devices, it can’t be recharged or refilled. A single pod lasted me roughly 1 week or so of moderate use. I think that’s pretty decent and on par with similar products.

The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod comes pre-filled with 2ml or 3.2ml of nicotine salt flavored eliquid. This should equate to 350 or 600 puffs. It comes in a variety of tasty flavors that include peach oolong, mixed grapefruit, lush ice, and also mojito. All of the flavors contain a strong menthol concentrate that provides a really nice throat hit. I was only able to test the peach oolong flavor. It was quite nice considering it’s Chinese made.

Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit 600 Puffs 550mAh Review

The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod offers quite a restrictive draw and as a result, is a true MTL device. The 1.8ohm coil performs fairly well even when chain vaping. As with any disposable device, there are no buttons or settings to get confused with. All you have to do is inhale to active. This is perfect for new vapers that want a no-fuss vape that requires no vaping knowledge to operate.

The point of difference is the color-changing LED that makes up most of the main chassis. Every time you take a puff of the Fush Disposable Pod, it will light up for 5 seconds. If you do three quick puffs within 10 seconds it will light up for 30 seconds. I know this is just a gimmick, but my face literally lit up the first time I took a pull.

Acrohm Fush Disposable Vape Pod USA Review


The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod can be pre-ordered right now. The cheapest place to get yours from is Vapesourcing. They’re selling the 400mAh model for $7.59 USD and also the 550mAh version for $7.99 USD. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I think it’s well worth picking some up. Furthermore, the price is on par with similar products that don’t have LED lights.


The Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod comes packaged in a decorated plastic sleeve. Furthermore, it features cool artwork that represents the flavor inside. The device itself is available in a few colors and are dependent on the flavor. This includes black, silver, and also white. The LED boasts a wide range of colors that it can switch between. This includes green, blue, purple, red, and also yellow.

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Acrohm Fush Disposable Pod Kit Review
Good Sized Battery
Decent Eliquid Capacity
No Learning Curve
Affordable Price
Fun LED Gimmick