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We Vape Mods can help you reach 1000's of vapers all over the globe. We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities for manufacturers and vendors. This includes ad space, advertorials, giveaway sponsorship, and product reviews. For more information download our media kit, email, or fill in the enquiry form below.

Monthly Statistics

500,000 impressions
35,000 page views
22,000 users
4:00 avg. time on page
48% bounce rate

Demographic & Geo
75% Male
45% Aged 25-34
60% USA
20% UK
10% AU

75% Mobile
24% Desktop
1% Tablet

Advertising Placements

Horizontal Top Banner

Horizontal Top Banner ( 728px x 90px )

$1,000 USD per month or $2,700 USD for 3 months

Sidebar Banner

Sidebar Banner ( 300px x 250px )

$300 USD per month

Advertorial Examples

Studies show that longer content tends to dominate the first page of Google. It also produces 37% more leads than shorter articles. Spend a little bit more and get your brand in front of even more potential buyers.
Vape Wild
#1 on Google for 'best vape wild flavors'
#2 on Google for 'popular vape wild flavors'

#2 on Google for 'vapebox subscription review'
#2 on Google for 'vapebox enthusiast plan reviews'
#3 on Google for 'vapebox review'
#5 on Google for 'zamplebox vs vapebox '

#3 on Google for 'bantam e-liquid review'
#4 on Google for 'bantam vape review'


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