Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce Eliquid Review

Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce Eliquid Review
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Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce is the perfect all day, every day premium vape juice for Summer. The mix is a delicious blue raspberry lemonade, perfect to vape on during hot weather. No steeping necessary, this stuff is ready to rock right out of the box. It contains natural and artificial ingredients. Great hits and amazing clouds, with no chemical aftertaste. Bomb Sauce manufacture Alien Piss in Georgia, USA.


Alien Piss is out of this world, pun intended! It has an invigorating ice cold lemonade flavor with just the right amount of raspberries and blueberries to top it off, a personal favorite of mine. I really enjoyed how refreshing this e-juice was. The ratio of this eliqiud is 70VG/30PG, making it great for smooth hits and big fat fluffy clouds. Alien Piss pairs perfectly with your typical summer foods without disrupting your pallet.

Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce Vape Juice Review


The price was decent. I paid about $20 USD plus tax at my local vape shop for a 60ml glass bottle. All in all a good price for a great product.


I’m a sucker for anything extraterrestrial, so the second I saw the packaging for Bomb Sauce’s Alien Piss I was hooked. They can consider me a lifetime customer because the artwork is amazing. Quirky and creepy at the same time. I loved the great color combinations on the design. The glass bottle is quite thick making it great for on the go vaping. It has an easy to use dripper allowing for minimum spillage when filling your tank. This is a great product, I couldn’t be happier. On the label it had a “birth date” to guarantee flavor and quality, which I thought was cool.

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Alien Piss by Bomb Sauce Eliquid
Amazing Flavor
Great Packaging