Antidote On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice Review
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Antidote On Ice is manufactured by the world renown Ruthless Ejuice brand. Ruthless is a Southern Californian eliquid specialist, that have been around since 2011. The have a massive line up of fantastic vape juices including Skir Skirrr On Ice and Strizzy, to name a few. As with all of Ruthless’s ejuices they are delivered ready to vape and need no steeping. I love when eliquid brands can provide this service, as I am always keen to get stuck straight into a mix once delivered. They also promote a rigorous quality control setup that makes sure each and every bottle meets a high quality of standards.


The main flavors in Antidote On Ice include Mango, Blue Raspberry, and Menthol. Now, I’d like to point out that I have yet to find a good ejuice with mango in it. I’m not sure if this is because its a hard flavor to synthesis or that I flat out don’t like mango flavoring. Either way on the inhale, the bitterness of the blueberry and raspberry are present with a slight menthol flavor. On the exhale, the mango overwhelms your pallet with its tart and lemon like flavoring. The everlasting flavor on your tongue is a mild menthol taste. Overall this was an ok mix for my tastebuds. I can see people loving it but also in my case there will be people that could only vape on it occasionally. Either way I do recommend you pick up a bottle and try this eliquid on for size. The menthol is gently enough to appease fruit lovers that may not usually like an ice cold vape.

Antidote On Ice by Ruthless Ejuice Review


Antidote On Ice is going to set you back $21.99 USD for 60ml or $37.99 USD for a much larger 120ml bottle. You can purchase this eliquid with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine in it. The price point is good for what they are offering. I just wish these new flavors were more readily available from different online vendors.


The chosen container for Antidote On Ice is a glass dripper bottle. The dropper is of medium size which is perfect if you drip but terrible for tank users. Although if you are careful, mess can be avoided. The glass is surprisingly quite sturdy and well built. I have accidentally dropped it a few times now and it has yet to break. The size of the bottle makes it easy to carry around with you while vaping on the go. The label design is pretty standard across the entire Ruthless Ejuice range. The shiny design features the iconic Ruthless logo and some minimal coloring. It is definitely an eye catching design that you couldn’t miss while browsing your local vape shop.

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Antidote On Ice by Ruthless Vape Juice
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Slightly Bitter Taste