Apollo Evolve Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs Review

Apollo Evolve Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs Review
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Today I’ll be reviewing the Apollo Evolve Starter Kit. This device is manufactured by Apollo Ecigs. They have been around for quite some time now and have a great reputation. Apollo Ecigs are based in California, USA. They sell all kinds of vaping products that include ejuices, pod systems, pens and also mods from apolloecigs.com or apolloecigs.co.uk.


The Apollo Evolve Starter Kit has been designed with high nicotine or NicSalt eliquids in mind. This thing is tiny and is no thicker than a ball pen. It’s made up of two main parts that include the 0.7ml tank and 150mAh internal battery.  There are no buttons, settings or modes to fuss about with, just inhale to vape. Your coil resistance is between 2.5 and 2.9 ohms. The coils are replaceable and are conveniently available in packs of 5 from the Apollo website.

Apollo Evolve Pen Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs Review

At the base of the pen is a blue LED which lights up when you inhale or when on charge. On average I got 2 – 3 hours of casual vaping out of the battery. It takes roughly 30 minutes or so to recharge from flat. The tank is threaded on via a male 510 connector. This is strange since most other devices on the market use a female 510 connector. As a result you are quite limited to your tank options.

The tank has a cylinder shape with no drip tip or mouthpiece, as it’s an “all in one” product. To access your coil just unscrew the tank from the battery. I find refilling the Apollo Evolve Starter Kit extremely fiddly, which is probably my only gripe with this product.

Apollo Evolve Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs USA Review


I trialed the Apollo Evolve Starter Kit with some Apollo Tobacco King Pin NicSalt eliquid, to get a better understanding how well it could perform. The flavor output was surprising! I have to say I didn’t hold out much hope as the coil head has a relatively high resistance range.

The tobacco flavoring came through really strong and I was able to produce a decent amount of vapor. The airflow is not the tightest, but still close to a cigarette sensation. It does show how vaping technology has progressed and even a little kit like this can throw some flavor/clouds.

Apollo Evolve Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs UK Review


The Apollo Evolve Starter Kit retails for $20 USD. I think this is an ideal price for people new to vaping, that may not want to invest a lot of money at the start. Replacement coils are available for $10 USD. I think each coil should last you a couple of months.


The packaging artwork is so simple and basic. There’s no real need for an over the top design, as this would most likely turn new vapers off. Inside the cardboard box you’ll find a battery, clear tank, 2 x coils, USB cable for charging and also a simple instruction pamphlet to get you going. The booklet whilst brief is informative.

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Apollo Evolve Starter Kit by Apollo Ecigs
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