Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review
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The Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is an innovative new atomizer that boasts a super smooth inhale combined with fantastic flavor and lots of clouds. The super-efficient new wicking material promotes a quicker and overall greater absorption level. It features a relatively large eliquid capacity and easy to use slide top fill system. The Aspire Odan Sub-Ohm Tank also incorporates an ejuice shutoff value to aid when changing coils.

Aspire are one of the biggest and oldest players in the vaping industry. They’ve been manufacturing vaping products in China since 2013. Over the years Aspire has amassed a huge back catalog of quality coils, tanks, mods, and also starter kits. This includes popular products like the Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm Tank and the Cleito Exo Sub-Ohm Tank. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank.

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Sub-Ohm Tank

The Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is a big and beautiful atomizer that measures 28mm’s in diameter. The main chassis is made from 304 stainless steel. It features some unique innovations like the shutoff valve that allows you to change your coil with a tank full of vape juice. It also introduces some new coils that contain 80% linen cotton and 20% organic cotton. This helps improve overall flavor and extends the life of your coil.

Another point of interest is the 5ml capacity diamond-cut bubble crystal tube that you can purchase separately. It sparkles and provides a better heat resistance versus standard glass. I’m personally not a fan of it, but I’m sure there are people out there that might. The pull and push fill cap is easy to use and can also accommodate any sized dripper. On top is a really nice 810 honeycomb resin drip tip with dual o-rings.

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On the bottom is a dual slotted adjustable airflow ring that provides heaps of airflow. The base is fitted with a standard 510 connection that’s protected with a peek insulation. This ensures you won’t experience any shorts across the terminals. The coils feature a modern plug and play design that requires no threading. You have the option between three different mesh coils that include a 1.8, 0.2 and also 0.3ohm resistance.


The Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is available to buy right now for just $34.95 USD. I think this is a great asking price in comparison to similar products on the market. The Aspire Odan provides great bang for your buck, especially considering the size and quality. I would recommend this tank to new vapers or old Aspire fans. You definitely won’t be disappointed by its performance or aesthetic.

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The Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank comes in a variety of colors that include dark blue, emerald, rainbow, stainless steel, smoky quartz, and also black. I really liked the selection and think they look super cool. Unfortunately, the packaging design is a little lacking. The plain white sleeve and orange box felt dated. Inside you will find your tank, spare glass, 2 x coils, various spares and also an instruction manual.

The Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank isn’t going to appeal to everyone and it does have some limitations. For those of you that like the look but feel the tank is a bit large, Aspire is releasing a mini version very soon! It’s going to measure 24mm’s in diameter and as a result, provide even better flavor and clouds. I can’t wait to see what Aspire releases next.

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Aspire Odan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank
Quality Build & Construction
Great Flavor & Clouds
Innovative Shut Off Valve
Interesting Wicking Material Combination
May Be Too Big For Some Mods
Not The Biggest Fan Of The Crystal Tank
Plain Packaging Design