Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit Review

Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit Review
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Today I’m reviewing the AIO Starter Kit. It’s manufactured and marketed by Augvape as an “all in one” vape starter kit. These types of products are perfect for smokers or new vapers. There are plenty on the market to choose from, so why should you pick the Augvape AIO Kit? Keep reading to find out why.


Placed front and center is a diamond shaped fire button. It’s clicky and responsive. Five clicks will turn the mod on or off. To vape, just hold in the fire button. The body is made from a solid zinc alloy material which houses a 1500 mAh battery, this should last you a days worth of vaping.

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Just above the firing button is your 2ml eliquid viewing window. This allows you to easily identify how much ejuice is in the tank. Augvape has also included a handy fill line that marks the maximum amount of eliquid it can take. This is important because your coil is screwed into the top airflow piece and if you overfill it, things can get messy.

The Augvape AIO uses a 0.3-ohm resistance mesh coil head. I love the fact that Augvape have started to use mesh in their pre-made coils. Mesh provides fantastic flavor and lasts a whole lot longer than regular round wire coils. I was hoping for a tight draw, but the airflow is a bit loose. Although it can be used as both a DTL or MTL.

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The Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit is reasonably priced at $30 USD. For a beginner, the Augvape AIO is relatively cheap and also extremely accessible. It’s a great device to practice on before advancing to a more powerful box mod like the Augvape Druga Foxy.

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The packaging is simple and aesthetically pleasing. You will receive a stark white box with minimal artwork. Inside you will find your Augvape AIO, 2 x 0.3-ohm coils and also a USB charging cable. Overall it has been my pleasure trialing out the Augvape AIO. I think it’s one of the easiest to use and flavorsome vape pen starter kits on the market currently.

The dimensions of the Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit make it very conformable in hand. It’s approximately 117.5 mm’s in height by 24 mm’s in diameter. The shape of the AIO is almost cylindrical, but with a bulge in the middle to accommodate the battery. It comes in a variety of colors including gun metal grey, red and white.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit.

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Augvape AIO All In One Starter Kit
Easy To Use
Great Flavor
DTL Or MTL Compatible
Can Get Messy When Filling
Loose Airflow
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