Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm RDA Review

Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm RDA Review
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The Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm RDA is a follow-up atomizer to the insanely popular original rendition that was released a few years prior. With the vape market flooded with pod systems in 2020, I was so excited to get my hands on a new rebuildable device. The first Druga sold very well because it featured a solid construction, great flavor, and was extremely affordable. How does this new edition hold up? Keep reading to find out.

Augvape is a well-known vape manufacturer that regularly collaborates with vaping influencers. They first started producing vaping products in 2013 and now boasts a wide array of popular lines. Augvape develops primarily rebuildable atomizers but have recently done a few box mods and pod systems. This includes the VX217 and also NARADA Pro. Both devices feature the same great build quality and finish that Augvape is popular for.

Augvape DRUGA 2 Bottom Feed 24mm RDA Review


The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA measures 24mm’s in diameter by 39mm’s in height. Its compact form means you conveniently fit it on top of most devices. The main chassis is constructed from good quality 304 stainless steel. Up top, you have a standard 810 wide bore drip tip that’s perched on a raised section. Although this does add to the over aesthetic, it can unfortunately limit the use of your own drip tips due to overhang.

The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA is a relatively versatile atomizer because it can accommodate a single or dual coil build. It also boasts a huge amount of airflow! This is perfect for cloud chasers and DTL fans. The top cap features 12 airflow holes that measure 2mm’s by 6mm’s. This allows a heap of air to come in; which in turn cools your coils and keeps the top cap from getting too hot.

Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review

The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA deck is where the greatest improvements have been made. This includes a revamped clamp snag system. Your coils still share a gold plated post leg, but the clamps are now much beefer and also easier to grip. The screws also have deeper cuts and the addition of a new center block should result in your outer threads bending and warping less. This was a big issue with the original version.

The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA is slightly tricky to build, so I’d only recommend it to experinced DIYers. It took me a lot of fiddling to get both coils in the correct place prior to tightening down the clamps. I’d suggest getting your coils where you want them first, then finger tighten the clamps and finally making tiny adjustments so your coils aren’t touching. Overall I was impressed with this innovative rendition.

Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm RDA USA Review


The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA is currently available for pre-order from a select few online vendors. The best price I could find was $29.99 USD from Everzon. Make sure to use our exclusive 5% off coupon code ‘WWM5’ at checkout. I think that’s a fair asking price for a decent RDA. It’s in line with how much the original Druga was selling for. If you’re an experinced builder, I’d highly recommend picking this RDA up.


The Augvape DRUGA 2 RDA comes in a handful of bold colors. This includes black, gunmetal, red, and also stainless steel. The matte finish on each piece looks superb. It also boasts not a lot of branding which I like. The packaging is very colorful and doesn’t really match the device itself. Inside you’ll find your DRUGA 2 RDA, ULTEM Drip Tip, Delrin Drip Tip, Hex Key, BF Squonk Pin, spare parts, and also a user manual.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape DRUGA 2 BF 24mm RDA.

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