Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA Review

Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA Review
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The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA is a flavor focused, single-coil rebuildable tank atomizer that boasts 3D airflow. It joins an extensive family of DRUGA tanks, pod systems, and box mods that Augvape has released over the past 3 years. This includes the best-selling DRUGA RDA and super popular DRUGA 2 RDA. So apart from the dripper to tank change; how does this latest rendition perform? Keep reading to find out.

Augvape is a well-established vape manufacturer that was founded in 2013. They primarily focus on rebuildable tanks, box mods, and squonkers but in recent years have branched into pod systems. Augvape boasts a fantastic reputation in the vaping industry. This is because their products are built from good quality materials and are expertly constructed. They also design and make collaboration products with the likes of Mike Vapes.

Augvape DRUGA 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review


The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA is undeniably gorgeous! It boasts a contemporary design that’s very clean. There’s nothing more annoying than an over branded product. Augvape has been guilty of this in the past, but have gone with a more minimalistic approach this time around. It’s also relatively compact, measuring just 39.5mm’s in height by 24mm’s in diameter. Furthermore, the main chassis is made from good quality stainless steel.

The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA can hold 2.4ml of eliquid with the straight glass and 3.5ml with the bubble glass. Both tubes have been constructed from reinforced Pyrex glass. On top, you can find the low profile 810 drip tip. It’s friction fit and feels comfortable to vape on. It’s also super easy to fill the tank. Just a quick quarter turn to reveal two large fill ports. The subtle knurling pattern on the cap was both aesthetic and functional.

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The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA not only looks great but also features a small engineering innovation that makes building even easier. On either side of the deck, you’ll find dual coil leg cut-outs. This allows you to install your single coil correctly; no matter what way they’ve been wrapped. Another nice inclusion is the massive Phillips head screws. It allows you to really clamp down on each coil leg to ensure a safe and strong current.

Augvape tanks are known for their fantastic airflow and the DRUGA RTA is no exception. Not only does it have side airflow, but it also features angled honeycomb style airflow inserts. They can be positioned right underneath your deck and directs airflow onto the underside of your coil. This provides 180 degrees of airflow. The short conical chamber also helps condense the vapor. As a result, maximizing the flavor and cloud production.

Augvape DRUGA 24mm Single Coil RTA USA Review


The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $26.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I think this is a cracking price and highly affordable for most vapers. I would happily recommend this product to my friends and family. This is by far one of the best single coil RTA’s on the market at the moment.


The Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA comes in a few different finishes. This includes matte black, gunmetal, and also stainless steel. I think they all look super cool and can be easily matched with most box mods. There is a subtle engraving of the Druga logo on the chimney section. This is done tastefully and is not obnoxious by any means. The packaging is a bit wild and colorful. I felt like it didn’t really match the product’s aesthetic. Inside you’ll find your DRUGA 24mm RTA, bubble glass, spares, and also a warranty card.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA.

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Augvape DRUGA 24mm RTA Review
Compact & Aesthetic Design
Easy To Build On
Smooth Airflow
180 Degrees Of Airflow
Amazing Flavor & Cloud Production
Packaging Doesn't Match The Product