The Augvape Intake is a single coil RTA that has been designed in collaboration with Mike Vapes, who is a popular YouTube reviewer. The Augvape Intake is a 24mm diameter, top airflow RTA that has a very innovative air flow system that makes it leak proof. Looking at the Intake from the outside you would be excused to pass it by. It looks similar to most other RTA’s currently on the market. However, its when you start to pull it apart that you notice the innovation and thought that has been put in.

Augvape Intake 24mm Single Coil RTA Review

The Intake comes with an 810 acrylic drip tip. The drip tip is very short and stubby, which gives the Intake a shorter look than it actually is. The top cap is easily removed with a quarter turn, which reveals the large fill ports that will easily accommodate any glass dripper or Chubby Gorilla bottle tip.

The top airflow is fully adjustable, so you can dial in your desired airflow amount, however the Intake is already a restrictive draw. The airflow system is quite innovative as it gives some great flavor while being top airflow. The air enters the RTA from the top airflow slots, then is travels inside the chimney section via two intake tubes. The air then travels through the deck and comes out underneath the coils. It’s this airflow path that creates a smooth, flavorful vape, and ensures that the Intake is leak proof.

Augvape Intake 24mm Vape RTA

Coils are easy to install, however you may have to change one of your coils legs. This can be done by adding or removing a wrap, so your coil legs face away from each other. Once the coil is installed, wicking is a dream. I have found, through some trial and error, that its best not to stuff wicking into the wick holes, but rather rest the cotton ends over the holes, plugging it up if you will. Wicking the Augvape Intake this way has produced the best flavor for me.


The Intake RTA will cost you roughly $29.99 USD or $42 AUD. This is a bargain for an RTA that is of such good quality. The Augvape Intake RTA has become my go to single coil RTA.

Augvape Intake 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review


The Intake comes pre-installed with a bubble glass that holds 4.5 ml’s of eliquid. Now if your like me and hate the look of bubble tanks, do not be alarmed as Augvape have included an extra standard glass section in the packaging, that will hold 2.5 ml’s. The packaging itself is unquie. Augvape have decided to steer away from the traditional box, and rather have adopted a tube like package. I for one applaud this. This is something so simple that makes the Intake stand out that much more.

Watch the video below for a full breakdown of the Augvape Intake 24mm RTA.

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Augvape Intake 24mm RTA
Easy To Install CoilsLeak ProofGreat Flavor
Can Be Tricky To Wick

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