The Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA is a brand new rebuildable device, made in collaboration with popular YouTube vape reviewer; Mike Vapes. I enjoyed vaping on the previous Augvape Intake Single 24mm RTA, so naturally, I was keen to see what improvements they made to this rendition. As the name suggests, it can now accommodate dual coils, features a larger diameter and as a result, can hold more eliquid.

Augvape has a long and successful vape manufacturing history. They were first established in 2014 and since then have released a huge amount of well-received products. This includes some of my personal favorites like the VX200 Box Mod, Occula RDA, and also VTEC 1.8 Box Mod. Augvape regularly consults with leading vape personalities like Mike Vapes, to design and craft the best possible products for vapers.

Augvape x Mike Vape Intake Dual Coil 26mm RTA Review


The Augvape INTAKE Dual RTA measures 26mm’s in diameter by 46.4mm’s in height. It’s made from reinforced Pyrex Glass and 304 Superior Stainless Steel. You have the choice between a 4.2ml standard glass or a 5.8ml bubble. Usually, I would stick with the straight tube, but the form factor of the RTA compliments a larger tank. The top cap features some nice knurling. A simple 1/4 turn will unscrew it, exposing the massive fill ports.

The 810 low profile, wide bore drip tip is friction fit. This means you can swap it out for your own. I think this is a cool feature that allows you to mix and match. The threaded 510 pin on the bottom slightly protrudes from the base and is fitted with a PEEK insulator. I noticed the airflow was super smooth considering how far it had to travel. It can be easily adjusted via the top control ring.

Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm 5.8ml RTA Review

Rebuildable tank atomizers are notoriously difficult to build on at the best of times. But I found the four-terminal Augvape INTAKE Dual RTA to be relatively easy. Just snip, drop, and tighten. Furthermore, the convenient cutting tool that’s included in the kit makes trimming to the right length a no brainer. The only thing I found fiddly was the side-mounted hex screws. I would have much preferred some flatheads or Philip screws.

The Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA chucks clouds like no tomorrow, so it’s the perfect tank for cloud chasers. I did though find the flavor to be average. Not the best or the worst, just ok. I’m guessing the added space in the atomizer had a slightly negative effect on the overall flavor output. The original single-coil version produced fantastic flavor, but then again it didn’t hold as much eliquid.

Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer USA Review


You can purchase the Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA right now for just $28.99 USD. That’s the cheapest price I could find online. I think that’s fair and competitive compared to other RTA’s on the market currently. Get in quick though, because they’re selling out fast. If you’re a fan of Mike Vapes or Augvape, I’d recommend checking this rebuildable tank atomizer out.


The Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA is currently available in a handful of colors that include silver, gunmetal, black, and also rainbow. The packaging design is relatively standard. The plain white and orange box features a nice photo of the product on the front face. Minimal branding is scattered throughout. Inside you’ll find the RTA, spare bubble glass, screws, cotton, pre-made coils, cutting tool, and also a user manual.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA.

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Augvape INTAKE Dual 26mm RTA
Quality ConstructionGreat AestheticEasy To Build OnLots Of Clouds
Average FlavorFiddly Hex Screws

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