Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA Review

Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA Review
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The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA is a single-coil rebuildable tank atomizer that boasts fantastic mouth to lung flavor. It also features a leak-proof chassis and various airflow plug options. This rendition is based on the hugely popular DTL version that was designed in collaboration with YouTube vape reviewer, Mike Vapes. Keep reading to find out how this model compares to the original.

Augvape is a well-liked vape manufacturer that resides in Shenzen, China. The company was established in 2013 and primarily focuses on rebuildable products. Over the past few years, Augvape has released dozens of best-selling products. This includes the NARADA Pro Pod, VX217 Box Mod Starter Kit, and also the most recent DRUGA 24mm RTA. I can’t wait to see what Augvape comes out with next!

Augvape Intake MTL 24mm Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review


The Augvape Intake MTL RTA is a decent sized atomizer that measures 54.3mm’s in height by 24mm’s in diameter. It comes with two different tube options to choose from. This includes a 3.1ml capacity straight glass and a much larger 4.6ml capacity bubble glass. They’re both constructed from reinforced Pyrex glass and as a result, are fairly durable. Furthermore, the main chassis is made from superior 304 stainless steel.

The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA features a similar form to its predecessor. This includes the innovative leak-proof airflow system. It works by drawing air in from the top airflow slots, instead of the bottom. The air then travels down two chimney tubes and feeds out right underneath your coil. This works surprisingly well; despite the amount of travel time your airflow takes. The flavor I experinced was saturated and very good overall.

Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA By Mike Vapes Review

The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA boasts a variety of airflow options. This includes the standard top airflow adjustable ring, but also 6 different airflow plugs that fit into your deck. The top airflow features 5 different sized holes that individually close off. Alternatively, you can insert a plug straight into the bottom of your deck. The plug sizes range from 1mm to 1.8mm’s in diameter.

The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA airflow plugs are a neat idea but I do have some concerns. The first being that they’re naturally fiddly to insert due to the size and placement. If you don’t ensure the plug is in the correct position, it can potentially make contact with your coil and cause a short. The second issue is that once your plug and coil are installed, there’s no way to remove it unless you disassemble your coil.

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The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $20.42 USD from Everzon. Make sure to use our exclusive 5% off coupon code ‘WWM5’ at checkout. I think that’s a pretty good deal for a dedicated MTL tank. It’s well constructed, works a treat, and is also leakproof! What more could you ask for?


The Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA comes in a handful of different colors. This includes stainless steel, gunmetal, and also black. They all look modern and are also aesthetically pleasing. The packaging design on the other hand is a bit old school and doesn’t really match the product. Inside you’ll find your Intake MTL 24mm RTA, bubble glass, 4 x airflow inserts, spare parts, 2 x coils, and also a warranty card.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA.

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Augvape Intake MTL 24mm RTA Review
Quality Construction
Easy To Build On
Leak Proof Design
Great Flavor
Fair Asking Price
Airflow Plugs Are Fiddly
Packaging Doesn't Match Product