The Augvape Lyfe Pod System provides the perfect mouth to lung inhale via a tight draw. The flavor is spot on and it can handle high nicotine blends like a boss. I’m a huge lover of pod systems, especially if they are done right. So how does the Augvape Lyfe Pod System stack up? Find out below.


The Augvape Lyfe is a small and lightweight pod system. The dimensions are 103mm x 24mm x 9.5mm. It features a modest 300 mAh built in battery that won’t last all day, but should suffice as a good device to rotate with. I’ve been getting a few days out of the Lyfe, when using it on and off. The Augvape Lyfe is also jam packed with safety features like short circuit, over discharge, over charge and low voltage protection.

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The Lyfe pod is capable of producing 7.6 watts of power and it can output 3.3 to 4.2 volts depending on the charge of the internal battery. The 2 ohm resistance coil that comes with the pod works a treat and the tank can hold 2ml’s of eliquid. The fill hole is located on the corner. It isn’t massive and you would definitely struggle to get a glass dripper in there as a result.

The pod is connected to the battery via two small gold plated pins. These make contact with battery to complete the electrical circuit. No need to stress if your putting the pod in correct as it has been designed to work in both orientations. Also you will hear a satisfying click sound if it’s been installed properly. There is no external button to push, all you have to do is breeze in to activate.

Augvape TugLyfe Pod Kit Review


Having a look online, I was able to find the Augvape Lyfe Pod System selling for around $25 USD. That’s a great price. Overall this lightweight, safety packed, flavorful mouth to lung device will not disappoint.

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The packaging for the Augvape Lyfe is just as small as the device itself. On the front is a nice picture of the pod and also a large nicotine warning. Along the side are some specifications and kit contents. Inside you will find the Augvape Lyfe battery, two spare pods and also a USB cable for charging. That’s it, but that’s all you actually need.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape Lyfe Pod System.

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Augvape Lyfe Pod System
Easy To Use2ml PodLight Weight
Can't Stand Up By ItselfNot Comfortable On Lips

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