Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA Review

Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA Review
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The Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA is a unique mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer. In layman’s terms, this device has a very tight draw and hits similar to that of a cigarette. An MTL device is perfect for high nicotine eliquid or nicotine salt ejuice. This tank is designed to be vaped at a low wattage.

I was happy to see Augvape release an MTL RTA instead of just another pod system. The rebuildable element allows you to use your preferred wire and cotton. It also benefits from being highly customizable to your preferences. Pod systems are usually limited to what the manufacturer decides to put in the cartridges.

Augvape Merlin Nano 18mm MTL RTA Review


The first thing I noticed about the Augvape Merlin Nano was the attention to detail. The 18mm tank has been well constructed and is also made from superior stainless steel. The threading between the deck and the tank section is buttery smooth. It can hold 2ml’s of eliquid with the standard glass or 3.5 ml’s with the frosted bubble tank.

Be aware that the Augvape Merlin Nano is not a beginner-friendly tank. Furthermore, an advanced builder will even find it fiddly. There are a lot of small moving parts that you have to workaround. The build is housed in a peak insulator dome cap, which is held into place with two tabs that slot into the deck.

Augvape Merlin Nano Mouth To Lung RTA Review

The deck features dual posts that are fitted with Phillips head screws. This is your clamping system. In between that is your airflow insert. Augvape have supplied 3 different ‘U’ shaped airflow inserts with the Merlin Nano. Pre-installed is the 1mm single airflow hole insert, there is also a 1.2mm single airflow hole insert and a 1mm double airflow hole insert.

When installing your coils into the deck, make sure that the inserts are secure and not touching your coil legs. If so, this could potentially cause a short circuit. Augvape has gone with an old school filling system. Fed from the bottom, you will need to turn your tank over and unscrew the deck to fill. This is ok because an MTL tank doesn’t churn through eliquid.

Augvape Merlin Nano MTL Rebuildable Tank Atomizer USA Review


You can find the Merlin Nano selling online for just $24.99 USD. For what it is, I think that’s a good asking price. The vape experience was so nice. Despite its few draw backs, the overall quality and finish is superb. It’s refreshing to know that I don’t have to worry about how many pre-made coils I have left, which is common with pod devices.


The Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA is currently available in two colors that include black or stainless steel. Inside your package will be the tank, 22mm beauty ring, spare PCTG tube, accessories pack, 1 x Kanthal 1 ohm coil, 1x nichrome 0.6 ohm coil and also a user manual.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA.

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