Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod Review

Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod Review


The Augvape x Mass Mods S2 is a compact single 18650 mechanical squonk mod. This device was designed in the United States by Mass Mods and manufactured by Augvape. Mass Mods are well known for their groundbreaking technology and innovative vape designs. Some of their devices are so exquisite that they border on being considered art. Augvape is a well-respected hardware manufacturer that is based out of China.

When I heard about the collaboration between these two awesome brands, I got super excited. I did though wonder if the manufacturing quality could match up to previous Mass Mod products. I’m glad to report that those thoughts were quickly dismissed as soon as I got the S2 out of its packaging. Augvape has done a sensational job! Keep reading for a full breakdown of the Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod.

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Squonk Mod

The S2 is a relatively simple mech mod that stands just 80mm’s in height. It can accommodate up to a 25mm atomizer with no overhang. The overall design has been expertly crafted with the end-user in mind. The edges of the squonker are rounded, which makes it rather ergonomic in hand. The clicky and responsive fire button is raised from the body. Furthermore, the ramp-up time is almost instantaneous.

The S2 comes equipped with a massive 8.5 ml silicon squonk bottle. This should last most people a few days or so of vaping before having to refill. Even though the S2 is a mech device, a MOSFET has been installed to add some safety.  If you’re new to this type of device, I would recommend reading my ultimate guide to mech mods. It’s important to note that the power output is only limited by the resistance of your coil and your battery amps.

Augvape & Mass Mods S2 Mech Squonker Review

My overall experience with this device has been pleasurable. I’m not usually a single 18650 kind of guy, but the s2 has a particular charm to it. However, despite this not being my jam, I can still appreciate the superb quality and ingenious design. I don’t have anything to complain about in regards to the S2. It’s beautifully made and well thought out. Definitely a must-have for your collection if you are a regular squonk user.


The Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod boasts being a highly affordable device that anyone can afford. Retailing on most vendor websites for just $29.99 USD, they ain’t wrong. This is one of the cheapest mech squonkers on the market. Unfortunately due to its hugely popular release, most places have run out of stock. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these bad boys up for sale, I would recommend you pick it up.

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The packaging for the S2, while good, isn’t the best I’ve seen. It doesn’t really reflect the simple aesthetic of the product. The box is white and red, featuring a small static image of the S2 on the front face. Inside you will find your Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod, and also an 8.5ml squonk bottle. That’s it, nothing else. Considering it’s a mech mod, you don’t really need a manual, but some spares could have gone astray.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod.

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Augvape x Mass Mods S2 Squonk Mod
Quality Fit & Finish
Multiple Safety Features
No Spares
Uninspiring Packaging Design