Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA Review

Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA Review
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The Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula has been specifically designed for building enthusiasts. It features huge clamps, fantastic flavor output, and beautiful aesthetics. This is common for products made by USA based YouTube reviewer Twisted Messes, but a relatively new combination for Chinese device manufacturer Augvape.

I’m happy to report this reasonably priced product is an awesome rebuildable atomizer. I can confidently say its a worthy addition to any vaping collection. If you enjoy low ohm builds that produce hot dense vapor, then keep reading. This RDA is something special!

Augvape x TM Occula 24mm RDA Review


The Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula is 24mm’s in diameter by 5.5mm’s deep. It’s made from 304 stainless steel and houses a dual post build deck. The clamps in this thing are so large, they could crush a car. Fully open the post gap measures 5.5mm’s by 2.6 mm’s. That’s more than enough room to accommodate any sized coil, including exotic builds.

To tighten down the Occula clamps, you are provided with some heavy duty M3 screws. They are equally as big and looks as if they came from a hardware store. Initially, I thought they might be too much, but it makes sense considering the overall goal and the possible need to torque down fat coil legs.

Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula Squonking RDA Review

The airflow uses a snakebite configuration made famous by the Recoil RDA. The Occula have gone with 3 airflow slots, that are easily adjustable with the notched cap. This helps because you need a lot of airflow to keep those coils cool. The holes are aimed downwards to funnel the airflow right under and on top of your coils.

The top is domed to condense your vapor as it proceeds out the 810 drip tip. One thing that really surprised me is how much flavor the Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula produces. Usually, when you combine lots of airflow and super low builds, you just get big clouds. But the Occula does this and more!

Occula RDA by Augvape & Twisted Messes USA Review


I was able to find the Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA online for $39.99 USD. I think this is an excellent price and perfect for vapers on a budget. What more can you ask for really? You’re getting a quality USA designed RDA at a mass produced cost.


The packaging for the Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA is kind of plain. I would have liked to see the tank design brought across the box. Nevertheless, it’s just a container and what inside really counts. You will find your Occula, 510 pins, Allen key, spare parts, and also a manual. At the moment the Occula RDA is available in black or stainless steel.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA.

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Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA
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