Today I will be reviewing Badass Grape by Badass Clouds Eliquid. It is manufactured in the UK with quality ingredients. I’ve always been interested in finding the best grape ejuice on the market. I’ve tried a few, but none compare to how brilliant Badass Grape is! In contrast Badass Grape is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I experienced no chemical taste or throat burn whilst vaping on this ejuice. I would class it as a premium vape juice.


The main flavor profiles in Badass Grape are grape, aniseed and mint. On the inhale it tastes like you’ve just eaten some fresh grapes off a vine tree. On the exhale there is a slight mint flavor that feels like your blowing snow out of your mouth. It is perfect after you’ve had a good meal or are on the drink. Badass Grape by Badass Clouds is available with 0mg nicotine all the way up to 6mg.

Badass Grape by Badass Clouds Ejuice Review


You can pickup a 10ml bottle for roughly £3 to £5. I think the price is fair depending on how much you’ll vape. I’d recommend buying a couple of bottles at a same time, because you’ll probably go through the first one within a day or two. It’s that good.


The packaging features the Badass Clouds logo which is a cloud cartoon that is wearing sunglasses and a truckers cap. Similarly the design is quite unique and is color matched to the eliquid flavor you are vaping on. The 10ml bottle also comes in a cardboard container, which makes it feel more premium. The bold text and striking colors make for an eye catching package. I’m sure you won’t be able to miss it in a line up in your local vape shop.

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Badass Grape by Badass Clouds Eliquid
Premium Quality EliquidGreat Grape TasteCheap Price

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