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Bae’s Leches by Vape Bae is an interesting eliquid dessert blend that combines cake and milk concentrates. Manufactured under the Mighty Vapors umbrella, Body Rock Product’s are based in San Leandro, California USA. Vape Bae ejuices are well known for their high VG content, which means it’s perfect for big clouds and vape tricks.

Bae’s Leches contains high-quality ingredients that do not very long to steep. I also found it to be great on my coils and wicks. I experienced no gross aftertastes or harsh throat hits, just premium taste and lots of vapor. Other decent flavors from the Vape Bae line include Bae’s Candy.

Bae's Leches by Vape Bae Ejuice Review


The main flavor profile of Bae’s Leches is fluffy yellow cake and cinnamon milk. For me, it tasted just like a Spanish ‘tres leches’ cake, which translates to ‘three milks’. The dominating flavor is savory, so it’s perfect to vape on while sipping a cup of coffee. On the inhale, I was able to taste the sweet cake. On the exhale I experienced an almost spicy milk flavor.

Bae's Leches by Vape Bae Vape Juice Review


Bae’s Leches by Vape Bae sells for roughly $18 USD. I think that’s a decent price to pay for a 100ml bottle. It’s one of those vape juices that will satisfy most sweet tooth fanatics. You could say it’s even sweeter than a real bae. The overall mix is both unique and authentic to taste. Available with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Bae's Leches by Vape Bae Eliquid USA Review


The label adorns an average looking holographic design. It contains hues of bronze and gold. As a result, it will be clear to most the flavor within. The artwork is fairly simple and straight forward, nothing too flash. I did have some trouble reading the text. All necessary warnings and ingredients are listed on the back.

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Bae's Leches by Vape Bae Eliquid
Quality IngredientsUnique Flavor Profile
Average Label Design With Hard To Read Text