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Bae’s Melons by Vape Bae is a decent mixed fruit eliquid worth checking out. Manufactured by the well known ejuice conglomerate Mighty Vapers, Vape Bae was established way back in 2006. Bae’s Melons is mixed in a clean lab and shipped from San Leandro, California. Other good flavors from the line include Bae’s Leches and Bae’s Candy.

I found Bae’s Melons to be relatively easy on my coils and wicks. No steeping required, as a result, you can vape on it straight away. I experienced no harsh throat hit or nasty aftertastes. It’s available with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. The ratio is 70VG/30PG, which calls for long-lasting flavor and amazing cloud production!

Bae's Melons by Vape Bae Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles that can be found in Bae’s Melons by Vape Bae are strawberry and also cantaloupe. On the inhale I could taste sweet strawberries that were also tart. On the exhale I experienced the refreshing cantaloupe flavor that gave me goosebumps with every hit.

Bae's Melons by Vape Bae Vape Juice Review


Bae’s Melons by Vape Bae is available between $18 to $25 USD. An average price compared to similar products. Overall Bae’s Melon provided me with an ok vaping experience. If you love fruit or melon mixes then I would recommend you suss out this blend out. It contains no menthol and instead gets its cooling effect from the cantaloupe flavor concentrate.

Bae's Melons by Vape Bae Eliquid USA Review


In my honest opinion, the packaging for Vape Bae’s Bae’s Melons came up short. The holographic style label features poorly photo-shopped strawberries and also melons. It looks out of focus and does not provide a whole lot of information. Although all necessary warnings and ingredients are listed. This product is delivered in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle. Great for storing and squeezing on the go.

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Bae's Melons by Vape Bae Eliquid
Good IngredientsNice Flavor
Average Label Design