Today I’ll be reviewing Berry Bouza By Nectar Nation. They are a boutique eliquid manufacture that hails from the sunny state of Queensland, Australia. I previously reviewed Citrus Tart, which is another tasty flavor from Nectar Nations extensive line.

The main flavor profiles in Berry Bouza are fresh berries, Arabic style vanilla ice cream and a hint of menthol. After smelling Berry Bouza and doing a knuckle test, I knew this mix was going to be great! I’m a fruit lover at heart, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a decent berry blend. The berries in this ejuice are the dominant flavor with ice cream undertones.

Berry Bouza by Nectar Nation Ejuice Review


On the inhale you will be treated to a delicious assortment of berries. I cannot for the life of me tell you exactly what berries are in there, however I suspect they could be blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. The blending is absolutely spot on! On the tail end of the exhale, you will taste the thick and creamy ice cream flavor.

The ice cream is like no other that I have tried. I can taste hints of the vanilla, but also a slight tart yogurt flavor. If you pay attention you may even taste some menthol. Berry Bouza comes in a 80VG/20PG ratio. This means it’s viscous enough to be used in sub-ohm tanks, but also your rebuildable atomizers.

Berry Bouza by Nectar Nation Vape Juice Review


Berry Bouza is available on the Nectar Nation website in two sizes, this includes a 30ml and 60ml variety. The 30ml bottle will cost you $10.90 AUD. That makes this 36 cents per mil of eliquid. When you break it down, that’s one of the cheapest high quality eliquids on the market.

All of the Nectar Nation eliquids are only available in zero nicotine strength, as per Australian vaping laws. So if you do desire nicotine, you will have to purchase you own and add it to the eliquid.

Berry Bouza by Nectar Nation Eliquid Australian Review


Berry Bouza comes in a blue tinted plastic dripper bottle with a black label on the front. The label has a touch of color on the artwork. This make it easily identifiable in among other juices from the same line. The label also contains other useful information like ingredients, website url and warnings.

Overall I really enjoyed Nectar Nation’s Berry Bouza. It’s sweet, tart and creamy. The perfect vape juice that you will sure have trouble putting down.

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Berry Bouza by Nectar Nation Eliquid
High QualityLow Cost Per MLEasily Identifiable Label

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