If you’re on the market for a new vape but you’re not too sure what to get, We Vape Mods can help you out. We have put together a list of devices that we think make the best vape mod for clouds.

Best Mod For Cloud Chasing

In most incidences, a complete device will usually favor one of two things. It will either enhance your eliquid flavor or produce big vapor clouds. Since you’ve clicked on this article, we are going to assume you’re a cloud chaser.

There are 460 different vape brands available on the market and many more being released every day. So We Vape Mods have done the hard work for you and compiled a thoroughly researched list of the best mods to chase clouds with.

In amongst this list, you will surely be able to find the best vape mod for clouds to suit your style. The mods listed below are suited for a semi-experienced vaper. But don’t fret, we do have an in-depth guide on vape pens if you’re new to vaping.

What Is The Best Vape Mod For Clouds?

This is something you may ask yourself at some point and it’s not an easy question to answer. Everything depends on your own circumstances, experience, and budget.

You could be a beginner vaper who may not be ready for some of the devices listed below. Either way, if you’re interested in trying out some cool vape tricks or perhaps just want to produce massive clouds of vapor then you will need the right tool for the task at hand.

So why not check out our list below on the best vape for clouds!


1. VOOPOO Drag 2

The original Drag 157W box mod is hands down one of the best vape kits for clouds and was released way back in 2017. It helped skyrocket VOOPOO into the limelight with its lighting fast fire time of 0.025 seconds. A few years VOOPOO released the Drag 2! It featured all the best bits from the original and improved upon them tenfold.

The VOOPOO Drag 2 is a new generation device that can output 177 watts of raw power. We Vape Mods feel this is the best mod for big clouds. The ergonomic box design will sit comfortably in your hand thanks to the micro-curve surfaces.

It’s even dramatically lighter than the original, coming in at 158 grams compared to 212 grams. The Gene chipset we have grown to love has been improved and upgraded with 15 months worth of testing involved. The clouds you can chuck with this beast is amazing. That’s why we have rated it the best vape for cloud chasing.

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SMOK Mag 225W

2. SMOK Mag 225W

The SMOK Mag 225W box mod turned heads when it was released in early 2018. Yes, it’s a mod, shaped like a gun that even has a battery loaded magazine! To date, the Mag is still one of SMOK’s best selling products and for good reason. The SMOK Mag has been ergonomically designed to fit into your hand like a glove. It can pump out 225 watts within a few microseconds.

When pairing this mod with the famous TFV12 Prince Tank, this thing is literally one of the best cloud chasing mods you can get. It also comes in a huge array of different colors and patterns. This includes some of my personal favorites like gunmetal grey, camouflage, and white prism. Standing at 92mm’s in height by 65mm width, this mod is the perfect size to strap.

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Revenant Delta Squonk 100W Starter Kit

3. Revenant Delta Squonk 100W Starter Kit

TVL and Revenant have teamed up to bring the vaping community a banger of a squonker. Introducing the Revenant Delta Squonk 100W. It features multiple cloud worthy functions like insta-fire and also push-to-squonk. This device is powered by the Omni Board 4.0, which allows for a broad resistance range of 0.03 – 5 ohms.

Power isn’t everything in the rebuildable game, so the maximum 100 watt output is more than enough. The Reload RDA tank that comes in the kit utilizes a composite heating material to help produce better flavor and bigger clouds. It also has an adjustable top airflow slot and comes in a variety of cool matching colors. If you’re looking to up your cloud chasing game, then we recommend you check this product out.

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Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W Squonk Starter Kit

4. Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W Squonk Starter Kit

The Pulse Dual 220W Squonk Starter Kit is one of the latest and greatest “pulse” renditions to be released by Vandy Vape this year. Made in collaboration with Tony B, the Pulse Dual 220W Squonk is a must have for any cloud enthusiast. The upgraded Vandy Vape chip helps the Pulse output an amazing 220 watts!

The Pulse Dual 220W Squonk has to be one of the best vape mod for clouds currently on the market. We would highly recommend picking one up straight away so you can start chucking sick clouds. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors and has been re-built from the ground up.

The new ergonomic design will fit snugly in your hand. The squonk bottle can accommodate 7ml’s of eliquid and it features an independent battery compartment. It also features multiple modes that you can play around with including TC, V, and BP. Everything is powered by dual 18750’s and the device’s firmware can be updated via the micro USB port.

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Vaporesso LUXE 220W Starter Kit

5. Vaporesso LUXE 220W Starter Kit

The LUXE 220W vape is Vaporesso’s addition to the high power mod market. It’s aesthetically pleasing, features an intuitive touch screen and can insta-fire within 0.001 seconds. It’s the perfect mod to create clouds with in style. The Vaporesso LUXE 220W also takes advantage of the OMNI Board 4.0, just like Revenant Delta Squonk.

This equals maximum power at your fingertips with all the best safety protections in place. The kit comes paired with the SKRR tank that is compatible with Vaporesso’s new quad flow airflow system. This aids your air intake, allowing for bigger and denser clouds.

You’ll be able to easily pull off any vape trick with an adaptive resistance range of 0.03 – 5 ohms. The Vaporesso LUXE 220W can also be conveniently charged within 1.5 hours in contrast to the usual 4 to 5 hours. Coming in a variety of colors and patterns that includes a special Zophia Vapes edition.

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What Is A Vape Cloud?

What Is A Vape Cloud?

When you heat eliquid in an atomizer, it will turn into vapor. A vape cloud is essentially the vapor you exhale. Depending on the device, tank and other various factors this plume of vapor can be subtle or quite large.

To guarantee a big vape cloud you will need to do the following,

  1. Use high powered batteries that are safe and purchased from a reputable vendor.
  2. Dial in your airflow so there is just enough resistance to take a long drag, but enough airflow to fuel the heating process.
  3. Use a high VG because this ingredient produces more clouds.
  4. Cloud chasing is predominately a rebuildable game. So make sure you have a good RDA or at least a sub-ohm tank that is designed for clouds.
  5. Mech mods can offer you the most power, but don’t usually come with many safety features. Any regulated, high wattage mod that takes at least 2 batteries can usually get the job done.
  6. If you have opted in for an RDA, you will need your coils and wicking to be on point. The lower the resistance of your coil, will result in a larger cloud.
  7. It’s not all about the hardware. Proper technique does come into play including lung capacity, posture and how you inhale/exhale.

What Is The Best Vape Juice For Clouds?

What Is The Best Vape Juice For Clouds?

Any eliquid that has a high VG to PG ratio will produce big vapor clouds. VG stands for vegetable glycerin which is a natural ingredient in your ejuice derived from vegetables. It’s commonly used to thicken vape juices up and also naturally sweeten the mix slightly.

Some drawbacks of a high VG juice is that it can gunk up your atomizer very quickly because of the thicker consistency. Some vapers also say that you can experience less of a throat hit. But if big clouds are your ultimate goal, then a high VG ejuice is the way to go.

Vape Clouds 101

Best Vape Setup For Clouds

Unfortunately, a good mod is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to being considered one of the best vapes for clouds. You’ll also need to factor in the type of tank, wire, batteries, and ejuice you are going to be using. A good RDA is always going to produce better clouds than your standard sub-ohm tank.

Your RDA will need to utilize a quality wick and wire setup. A dual battery mod will obviously perform much better than a single one. Ejuice with more VG will enhance your clouds way better than a high PG eliquid could. Each small aspect listed above will subtly affect the volume and density of your clouds.

Other factors could include your personal lung power and capacity. Similarly, deep long hits will produce bountiful clouds versus shallow, short hits. Thank you for reading through our best vape mod for clouds list. We hope this helps you find the best vapor mod.

WVM Staff Best Cloud Mods List

Adam Fury – I personally love using my VOOPOO Drag 2 Box Mod as it fires almost instantly ( 0.025 seconds) and packs a huge 157 watts of raw power. I like to pair it up with the Drop Dead RDA which was designed in collaboration with Hellvape, Heathen, and TVC. Also, the super smooth airflow is pointed straight onto your coils, which help create massive clouds while still maintaining good flavor.

Squidly Tris – My favorite mod for clouds is a hard decision to make. It’s like having to decide which child you love more. Of recent, I have been enjoying the Dovpo Basium Squonk Mod. The Basium is a dual 18650 regulated mod that has no bells or whistles. Its menu system is easy to navigate because it only has variable wattage and variable voltage. To top the mod off, I’ve it paired with the Augvape BTFC. This atomizer has top and bottom airflow. It can also produce some serious clouds and great flavor! It will not disappoint.

Biggest Vape Cloud Ever Recorded

The title of biggest vape cloud goes to an unnamed man who was competing at a cloud chasing competition in 2015. The location was Plano, Texas, USA. The vapor cloud that he produced measured 6 feet or nearly 2 meters. This was officially recorded at the event and reported on in the media.

Comment below what you think are the best vape mods for clouds.

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