Blue vs Red by Ohm Away From Home Vape Juice Review

Blue vs Red by Ohm Away From Home Eliquid Review
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I’m such a picky vaper and I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. I’m kind of a vape juice snob. Not as in I only vape the best vape juice brands. Quite the opposite. I only vape my own DIY juices. I find most flavors smell delicious, but really miss the mark when it comes to flavor.


On the recommendation of one of my ‘vape bros’ I reluctantly bought a bottle of Blue vs. Red by Ohm Away from Home. I bought the 15ml doubler from my regular online shop for just $11.50 USD. Resentment still hung in my mind thinking that I had just wasted money on vape juice that could be crap. While waiting patiently for my vape mail to arrive.

Blue vs Red by Ohm Away From Home Eliquid Juice Review

My package arrived. I opened it without the usual enthusiasm and joy that vape mail usually brings me. I peered into the box and saw the bottle. A thin 30ml chubby gorilla bottle. This is not going well. At this stage, in my mind, my friend was already dead to me for making me spend my hard earn cash on shitty juice that comes in a bloody chubby gorilla bottle.

I got out my VG and nicotine. Mixed up a batch to the strength I like it, cleaned up and sat at my desk staring at the bottle. I noticed that the label looked dodge. It felt like such a waste of time. I even contemplated just ditching the juice in the bin and punching my friend in the head just for putting me through such an uncomfortable traumatic experience. Yes, traumatic. I’ve tried a lot of shitty branded juices. Every time I try a new juice, it like brings on PTSD like symptoms.

Finally, I bit the bullet, dripped some juice into my drop. Put my finger on the button, fired and breathed in.


Instantly I tasted this amazing flavor, and my mood changed at the drop of a hat, or should I say ‘at the hit of a vape’?. The flavor is a raspberry jam doughnut, and it tastes pretty damn good. It’s not like biting into a jam doughnut, which is good in real life, but as a juice, I think that would get too sickly after a while.

Blue vs Red by Ohm Away From Home Jam Donut Vape Juice Review

The inhale is all raspberry. Not a candy raspberry or a natural raspberry, it’s definitely more like the raspberry jam from the middle of a doughnut. On the exhale you are treated to the subtle undertones of doughnut flavoring, not a sugary doughnut, but a mild doughnut bakery flavor that makes your mouth water and leaves you wanting more.


This juice surprised me. The label looks dodge, the bottle is dodge ( bloody chubby gorilla bottles), but the flavor is out of this world!

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Ohm Away From Home a.k.a Blue vs Red Vape
Amazing Flavor
Label Looks Home Made