BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 22mm BF RDA Review

BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 22mm BF RDA Review
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The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 22mm BF RDA is back and better than ever! It still boasts the iconic flip-top cap design and v-shaped airflow but also introduces some new innovations for this particular rendition. The original BUSHIDO RDA and BUSHIDO V2 RDA were great for dripping, but not so much squonking. The V3 features a revamped deck design and high squonk pin. Keep reading to find out how it performs.

BP Mods was established by Bruce in 2020. He’s a vape product designer that’s been around for many years now. Bruce is responsible for coming up with many popular products like the Pioneer RTA and also the more recent BUSHIDO Mech Squonk Mod. All of Bruce’s products are manufactured by Dovpo. They’re a well-known vape company that specializes in premium DIY vaping products.

BP Mods BUSHIDO V3 Squonk Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review


The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA is a very compact atomizer, unlike its predecessors. It measures just 33mm’s in height by 22mm’s in diameter. The BUSHIDO V3 RDA is designed for on-the-go vaping and pairs perfectly with the BUSHIDO Mech Squonk Mod. It boasts a beautiful minimalistic aesthetic that can be easily mixed and matched with most mods. The main chassis has been constructed from strong stainless steel and the drip tip is PCTG.

The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA features a nifty hinged top cap that can be easily flicked open with some force. It made it so much easier to drip. The resistance is perfect and I didn’t experience any accidental openings. Inside you can find the re-invented deck that can accommodate single coil builds. It’s fairly easy to build on and the beefy hex screws ensure your leads are always in contact.

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The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA boasts fantastic airflow and a deep multi-stage juice well. Unless you drip/squonk like a mad man, this thing won’t leak. Furthermore, you can fully control the amount of airflow via the dual-slotted airflow ring. I was able to get a lovely restricted MTL pull from it. The flavor was dense and it tasted great! I also experinced a decent amount of clouds considering the RDA’s size.

The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA comes with a high squonk pin that works a treat. A quick squeeze and your entire wick will be perfectly saturated. I experinced no problems whatsoever with the BUSHIDO V3 RDA and overall really enjoyed using it. It’s ideal for both drippers and squonkers that enjoy pure tasting flavor, smart engineering, and fantastic-looking devices.

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The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA is currently available for pre-order only. The cheapest place I could find it selling for online was $39.99 USD. I think that’s a fair asking price considering the great quality and also the superb performance of this product. I would highly recommend you check it out if you’re a fan of Bruce’s previous products and love MTL vaping.


The BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 RDA comes in a handful of colors. This includes black, silver, and also grey. Each color features a different colored ring that wraps just underneath the drip tip. My favorite is the grey version, with the gold ring. It looks amazing! The packaging is pretty plain but still better than what most other higher-end products offer. Inside you’ll find your BUSHIDO V3 RDA, 2 x coils, accessories, and also an instruction manual.

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BP Mods x Dovpo BUSHIDO V3 22mm BF RDA Review
Compact Design
Beautiful Aesthetic
Hinged Top Cap
Easy To Build On
Great Flavor & Clouds
Fair Asking Price