Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review

Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review
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Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co is a nostalgia-fueled eliquid, that has an unsuspecting flavor profile. Sydney Vape Co is a boutique Australian vape juice manufacturer. They recently launched 10 new flavors to market, with great success! This has skyrocketed Sydney Vape Co into the limelight. Some other great blends from their range include Berry Peachy, Tropical Bliss and also Turkish Baklava.

I love pineapple flavored vape juice. As a result, I can be quite critical of them. Furthermore, a good pineapple mix should be full-flavored, naturally sweet and not a coil killer. Sydney Vape Co describes this ejuice as a flame-grilled pineapple, that’s coated in rich cinnamon and brown sugar. Contrary to the description, I tasted something completely different. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the flavor and also my honest thoughts.

Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co Ejuice Review


Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co has a thick and also dense aroma of pineapple, with the slightest hint of cinnamon. I loaded up the eliquid and had a vape. What I was expecting was fresh pineapple, with a light dusting of cinnamon and sugar. The expectation did not mirror reality. It took me almost 10ml’s to finally nail what it tasted like. In my opinion, it tastes just like a pineapple fritter.

A pineapple fritter is a slice of tin pineapple, coated in batter and deep-fried. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Even though it wasn’t what I was supposed to experience, I honestly did not care. Not only is Brazilian Pineapple amazingly delicious, but it also conjured up fond memories from my youth. Visiting the local fish and chip shop and buying some pineapple fritters.

Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co Vape Juice Review


Brazilian Pineapple can be purchased from the official Sydney Vape Co website or a handful of good local vendors. You can expect to pay around $15 AUD or so for a 30ml bottle. Please be aware that due to Australian law you can only purchase this vape juice with zero nicotine. You will need to import a personal supply from overseas if you wish to vape with nicotine.

Brazilian Pineapple by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging is very bright and so fresh. It draws the eye and is also relatively modern. Each bottle is color-coded depending on the flavor profile inside. Naturally, Brazilian Pineapple has a yellow label. I like the simplistic artwork that reinforces what you are getting. Sydney Vape Co has done a spectacular job at branding their stuff!

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