I was expecting big things from the Caramel Waffle Cappuccino by The Sauce LA eliquid. In 2016 this ejuice was awarded ‘Best Coffee/Tea Flavor’. The Sauce LA is an ejuice manufacturer and distributor based out of California, USA. All of their vape juices are mixed in a ISO 5 certified lab. Their website boasts hundreds of positive reviews for each and every one of their mixes. I would recommend you let this eliquid steep for around a week to reduce the chemical aftertaste.


As described on their website, this ejuice’s main flavor profiles include coffee, caramel, waffle and buttercream. On the inhale I can taste the strong flavor of caramel and a subtle hint of fluffy cappuccino. On the exhale the combination of flavors didn’t seem to mix very well for me personally and the overall vape felt a bit lackluster. I experienced an everlasting taste of caramel with chemical undertones after each hit. Due to the price point I still do recommend checking this eliquid out. If you were after a guaranteed good caramel ejuice, then I suggest checking out Murphy by Outrun Vape.


At the low cost of $9.99 USD, you can’t go wrong for an “ok” tasting eliquid. They do seem to hand out samples like there is no tomorrow, so it couldn’t hurt to hit them up if your unsure about purchasing.

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino by The Sauce LA Vape Juice Review


The terrible bottle design is what stood out to me. The thick drip tip made it near impossible for me to fill my tank up without any spillage. I do understand that for drippers this wouldn’t matter, but you really need to cater to all types of vapers. The bottle design was simple and featured a clear label design which I thought was a good idea. It allows you to see the eliquid color easily. The overall branding of The Sauce LA is pretty good and well thought out.

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Caramel Waffle Cappuccino by The Sauce LA Eliquid
Great PriceDecent Caramel Flavor
Terrible Bottle DesignSlight Chemical Taste

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