Carnival Apple is a new eliquid flavor mixed by Doctor Big Vapes that is true to taste and utterly irresistible. Doctor Big Vapes is a subsidiary of the well know and popular vape juice brand Big Bottle Co. I loved the previous flavors they released earlier this year, including Patch’s and Wildberry Limeade.

All eliquids are manufactured in the USA and utilize only the highest quality VG and PG ingredients. The nicotine is pharmaceutical grade and is available with 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg or 6mg. I gave this ejuice a few days to steep to maximize the flavor profiles. I experienced no bad tastes or chemical throat burn when vaping on this delectable blend.

Carnival Apple by Doctor Big Vapes Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles of Carnival Apple are green apple and caramel. On the inhale the caramel is the dominating flavor and it carries throughout the vape. It is dense yet subtly sweet. The green apple is persistent, but doesn’t give me that crispy acidic bite that I was hoping for. That is of course only personal preference.

Overall the flavor is unique and a great addition to any vapers collection. I would highly recommend you give this eliquid a try to see for yourself. Dessert lovers will most likely enjoy this blend due to the bold caramel flavor.

Carnival Apple by Doctor Big Vapes Vape Juice Review


Carnival Apple by Doctor Big Vapes is going to cost you around $14.99 USD for 120ml. I think that is great value for money. Rarely do you see such large bottles selling for that cheap. Big Bottle Co, the parent company of Doctor Big Vapes have definitely done a solid for the vaping community. This eliquid is budget friendly and highly accessible. You can get this ejuice from most of the popular vape juice vendors online or from the Big Bottle Co website itself.

Carnival Apple by Doctor Big Vapes Eliquid USA Review


Doctor Big Vapes carry on the New Orleans inspired illustrations and typography for this line. I absolutely love it! The longer you look at the label or box, the more interesting the design gets. The branding department have done a bang up job on crafting such memorable and outlandish artwork that is sure to peak interest in potential buyers. Creating a good flavor is only half the job, you also need to make the eliquid look appealing enough for someone to try it.

Carnival Apple comes in a high quality chubby gorilla bottle. It features a child proof top cap that is secure and trustworthy. The bottle is frosted black which does make it hard to see the ejuice color, but considering they have a ‘best by date’ this doesn’t necessarily matter. The standard warnings are plastered throughout the label and everything looks top notch and professional.

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Carnival Apple by Doctor Big Vapes Eliquid
Great Flavor Profile ChoiceHigh Quality Ingredients & NicotineFantastic Artwork Design

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