The CBD Vape Shot is a high-quality concentrate that’s been certified by a specialist laboratory. The CBD compound is extracted using an agile CO2 method to produce a 100% pure CBD isolate. The cultivation process is performed by a skilled team of organic hemp experts and overseen by CBD Vape Shot in a USA based facility. This guarantee’s a top-shelf product that’s free from pesticides and also heavy metals.

CBD Vape Shot is one of the UK’s top manufacturers and exporters of CBD. You can feel rest assured that CBD Vape Shot is monitored by the DEA and also regulated under the FDA. A certificate of analysis on this product is also available by request. CBD Vape Shot shy’s away from short-lived trends and instead focuses on delivering a premium end product that’s tested, tried, and true.

CBD Vape Shot 2ml CBD Vape Additive Review


The CBD Vape Shot is odorless and tasteless. A drop or two can be added directly into your tank or a larger amount can be mixed into your eliquid. CBD Vape Shot is suitable for everyday use and can also be great for relaxation/stress relief. This natural product most importantly contains no THC. This means you won’t experience any psychoactive effects and also shouldn’t have any problems passing a drug test.

CBD is somewhat similar to nicotine salt in the way it interacts with your body. When CBD vapor enters your lungs, it gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream, rather than passing through your digestive system like freebase nicotine. This provides a much better overall sensation, in half the time. I personally experienced better sleep and a noticeable calming effect. Some of my aching joints also had a little respite.

CBD Vape Shot 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg Review


The CBD Vape Shot can be purchased from the official CBD Vape Shot website. It’s available in a 2ml bottle that contains CBD and also PG. They currently offer three different strength levels to choose from that cater to all user types. Furthermore, you can buy 250mg for £12.99 GBP, 500mg for £22.99 GBP, and 1000mg for £39.99 GBP. I feel the asking price is reasonable considering the quality and amount.

CBD Vape Shot CBD Vape Concentrate UK Review


The CBD Vape Shot packaging is killer. A stylish twist top tin contains your dripper glass bottle. It’s safely nestled in a cotton wool foam insert. The outer labeling is legible and also well laid out. Various vaping related warnings and recommendations are clearly printed on the label. The thing I liked about this packaging was that it’s reusable. The tin makes for such a handy storage container.

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