CheeBerry by Fuggin Vapor is a budget-friendly strawberry cheesecake eliquid blend. The mix has a high VG ratio, which is perfect for producing big billowing clouds of vapor. Fuggin Vapor is a popular USA based ejuice manufacturer and online vendor. They have been around for yonks and are well known for their cheap vape juice bundles.

Fuggin Vapor boast 100’s of positive reviews from happy customers on their website. They are also very active in the vaping community and promote via the #fugglife hashtag on Facebook and Instagram. I would recommend letting CheeBerry steep for a few days or so before use. This allows time for the nicotine to settle and blend with the other ingredients.

CheeBerry by Fuggin Vapor Ejuice Review


The main main flavor profiles in CheeBerry are strawberries and cheesecake. On the inhale you will experience a sweet dessert style strawberry taste. This flavor intensifies until the hit. On the exhale a subtle cheesecake flavor is present. It’s not dominate or dense tasting. I think this is because of the 80VG/20PG ratio. Perfect for cloud chasers, but slightly lacking in the flavor department.

CheeBerry by Fuggin Vapor is a light, authentic and enjoyable eliquid. A tasty treat you can enjoy with a coffee or after a good meal. Overall I really enjoyed their take on this classic mix. I can happily recommend this ejuice to dessert fans and vapers who enjoy blowing big clouds of vapor.

CheeBerry by Fuggin Vapor Vape Juice Review


CheeBerry can be purchased direct from the Fuggin Vapor online store. A 120ml bottle retails for just $24.99 USD! That is amazingly cheap and well worth a purchase. I can guarantee you won’t find a better vape juice at that price. It’s also available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 16mg of nicotine. Fuggin Vapor are one of the few brands to offer such a variety of nicotine options.

CheeBerry by Fuggin Vapor Eliquid USA Review


The container that your eliquid comes in is made from high quality plastic. The childproof top cap works a treat and I experienced no leaking. This makes it perfect to carry around while vaping on the go. The needle thin tip makes it easy to fill your tank or drip to your hearts content.

The only thing that I feel lets Fuggin Vapor down is their branding and label design. It’s very plain, nondescriptive and visually unappealing. While the color coded bottles are a nice touch, I would have liked to see some kind of artwork that represents the flavor inside.

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