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Cherry by Pop Clouds is a lab made, premium blend, Nic Salt eliquid. I recommend not using this ejuice in a sub-ohm tank, instead grabbing yourself a pod system to enjoy this blend as intended. A nice plus to this vape juice using nicotine salts instead of your standard nictoine is that it provides smoother hits. No steeping needed for Cherry by Pop Clouds as it comes ready to vape.

The smell that comes from this vapor is amazing. As soon as you crack open the bottle, a strong aroma with punch you in the face. I did not experience any throat burn or unsavory aftertaste from this quality eliquid. Just be careful not to hit too consecutively because you will get dizzy. Nic Salt ejuices are not for the weak of heart.

Cherry by Pop Clouds The Salt Ejuice Review


Cherry by Pop Clouds is a throw back flavor that combines some of the best hard candies ever! It tastes just like a Jolly Rancher and Pop Rocks. The main flavor profile of this vape juice is a candied cherry. The hits are smooth and full of flavor.

While the cloud output may be slightly limited you will get a massive hit of nicotine almost instantly. On the inhale you will experience a very sweet cherry flavor and on the exhale you get the hard candy bite with a pop. Cherry by Pop Clouds gets two thumbs up from me for this tasty Nic Salt mix.

Cherry by Pop Clouds The Salt Vape Juice Review


You can pickup a 30ml shortfill bottle for around $19.99 USD. I think this is a fair price for such an amazing product that contains high quality ingredients and superb flavor. On average nicotine salt products do cost slightly more.

Cherry by Pop Clouds comes with 35mg or 50mg of Nic Salts. This is an amazing product that can be a good introductory to Nic Salts.

Cherry by Pop Clouds The Salt Eliquid USA Review


The packaging for this eliquid is pretty simple. The beautiful ruby red holographic label will attract your eye in certain lighting situations. The bottle is easy to use and store. Information is legible and is colored white which compliments the background magically.

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Cherry by Pop Clouds The Salt Eliquid
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