Citrus Tart is a delicious blend of fresh lemons, mandarin fruit and blood oranges combined in a zesty Sicilian styled tart eliquid flavor. It’s made by Nectar Nation, who are an Australian ejuice manufacturer based out of Queensland.

In my experience, vapers tend to favor either fruit or dessert flavors. This is one of those unique eliquids that walks the fine line and can cater to both parties. That’s not an easy mix to pull off and I believe that Nectar Nation have got the ratio down pat.

Citrus Tart by Nectar Nation Ejuice Review


The first flavor that will hit your taste buds is the citrus notes. Initially, all I could taste was a very tart lemon, but this changed are a few puffs. The lemon flavor will smack you in the chops, providing a great throat hit. Then the orange flavor will take over providing a sweet balance to the bitter taste. The two work well together, however I would have loved a little more of the sweet orange.

On the exhale of Citrus Tart you are treated with the pastry base. The piecrust flavor lingers in your mouth, making you crave another hit. The layering of flavors in Citrus Tart is superb. Throughout each inhale and exhale of this eliquid, you can pinpoint the different flavors as they appear and disappear in your mouth. Believe me when I tell you that this is not an easy thing to do.

Citrus Tart by Nectar Nation Vape Juice Review


Citrus Tart is available as an 80VG/20PG combo eliquid. This means it will be perfect for vapers using a sub-ohm tank or any rebuildable atomizer. Nectar Nation offer both 30ml or 60ml bottle varieties from their website. A 30ml of Citrus Tart will set you back $10.90 AUD. When compared with other vape juices on the market, this is a decent price. Due to Australian vaping law, all Nectar Nation mixes are only available in zero nicotine strength.

Citrus Tart by Nectar Nation Eliquid Australian Review


Citrus Tart comes in a blue tinted plastic dripper bottle. The lid is child proof, but can unscrew easily for an adult. This is perfect for those who want to add nicotine to their eliquid. The Nectar Nation logo provides a nice splash of color to the bottle design. The flavor name also features its own unique color which allows it to be differentiated at a quick glance.

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Citrus Tart by Nectar Nation Eliquid
Tasty Fruit & Dessert ComboGreat Price
Needs More Orange Flavor To Balance Out The Lemon

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