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Club House by Vape Craft Inc is an interesting take on the classic cereal flavor. One of my all time favorite flavors has always been, and always will be, fruit loops. It makes me very nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood. In my house we were only allowed to eat fruit loops on special occasions, and those occasions where few and far between. When I first got the bottle of Club House from The Classic Black Label line, I dove straight in. I couldn’t wait to see what Vape Craft Inc’s take on the cereal vape was. Also if you are interested in reading some more reviews from the Classic Black Label, check out 19th Hole and Platinum Chalice.


Club House is described as a delectable apple breakfast, cereal treat! Unfortunately, I didn’t find this to be 100% true for me. Remembering that flavor and taste is all subjective, this was more of an apple pastry flavor. I did not get any cereal notes in the vapor at all.

On the inhale there is a sweet apple flavor with a hint of cinnamon. Similarly the apple is the most dominant flavor I can taste and smell. There is also a very subtle pastry flavor that gets stronger on the exhale. To me this reminds me more of an apple pop tart. The flavor on a whole isn’t that bad; in-fact if it was branded as a fruit flavored pop tart, I would have rated it higher. Club House seems to draw its sweetness from the apple concentrate versus an artificial sweetener, which is a bonus. This juice was not what I initially expected, but I have grown to enjoy vaping on it.

Club House The Classic Black Label by Vape Craft Ejuice Review


I feel as if Vape Craft Inc have branded this as a premium eliquid. The only downside to that could be a premium price tag. Lucky for consumers that Club House sells for a moderately priced $22.99 USD for 60mls. In my opinion, that is really good value considering the mixes quality. Furthermore you can get Club House with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine.


Club House comes in a plastic unicorn tip bottle. The bottle has a childproof cap, which is pretty standard these days. The label is glossy black and features a sleek design. The picture portrays a picture of a chess set on the front. I personally like that they have branded this towards adults hence the high rating.

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Club House The Classic Black Label by Vape Craft
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