The Drifter Mini range consists of 6 different flavors, of which I’m reviewing the Cool Blue Raspberry eliquid today. This ejuice is made in the UK, using nationally sourced high quality ingredients. You can find this vape juice stocked at most vape stores and online vendors.

Cool Blue Raspberry is a well balanced vape juice that boasts a distinctive fruit flavor. It comes in a 70VG/30PG blend which is perfect for sub-ohm vaping. Also I experienced no harsh throat hits and found Cool Blue Raspberry to be relatively good on my coils and cotton. As a result I was pretty happy with my purchase.

Cool Blue Raspberry by Drifter Mini Ejuice Review


Cool Blue Raspberry eliquid is a sweet yet sharp summer fruit blend with a smooth finish. On inhale you’ll taste a ripe blueberry flavor that is very juicy. This slowly intensifies as the flavor turns into a tart raspberry. On exhale, the menthol kicks in creating an icy finish, softening the various fruit flavors.

This ejuice is reminiscent to me of a medicinal throat sweet. Being manufactured in the UK makes this vape juice unfortunately limited to being bottled with 0mg of nicotine. Similarly this is to comply with the UK TPD regulations. But you can of course pick up a nicshot while purchasing.

Cool Blue Raspberry by Drifter Mini Vape Juice Review


Everywhere I’ve looked Cool Blue Raspberry is priced around £5.99 GBP per 25ml short fill. I feel this seems to be a steady enough asking price, plus you get a nicshot thrown in too if in the UK. Also each short fill has room for 5ml of nicotine. Comparing it with other similar products on the market I think this eliquid is not too cheap yet not too expensive.

Cool Blue Raspberry by Drifter Mini Eliquid UK Review


Cool Blue Raspberry is packaged in a chubby gorilla bottle with childproof anti tamper screw top. Similarly this is something most people come to expect from any reputable manufacturer these days. The label design is nothing too over the top.

Very minimal with the usual safety info on the back so to comply with local laws. The front is very glossy and silver lined which for me made it hard to distinguish the wording, especially outdoors in bright sunlight. Overall, a nice fruity ejuice with a good menthol kick, for those who like it cool.

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Cool Blue Raspberry by Drifter Mini Eliquid
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