Coronavirus and Vaping – Everything You Need To Know

Coronavirus and Vaping - Everything You Need To Know
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The global Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has hit American’s hard. With the country in lockdown, most people are unable to go to work. As a result, local vape shops are closing down and products have been less accessible. There’s also a lot of false claims circulating online in regards to vaping and the Coronavirus. So you’re probably wondering – how does COVID-19 affect vapers?

Does Vaping Increase My Risk Of Contracting The Coronavirus?

There’s no evidence that vaping increases your risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Vaping has been a healthy alternative to smoking since the mid-2000s. Smokers are the ones who should be more worried. This is because the Coronavirus has a higher fatality rate in patients that are already sick. Long term cigarette smokers are more likely to have pre-existing lung damage and respiratory issues.

Does Vaping Increase My Risk Of Contracting The Coronavirus?

The only danger related to vaping is nicotine. It’s been reported to potentially pose a low cardiovascular risk in users. This potential health impact far outweighs the harm cigarettes can cause. So, if you haven’t already made the switch to vaping, now might be the time to seriously consider it. This will reduce your risk of many smoking-related diseases like asthma, lung disease, and also pneumonia.

Does Vaping Increase The Spread Of COVID-19?

There’s no known connection between vaping and the spread of COVID-19. The Coronavirus is primarily transmitted when people cough or sneeze infected saliva droplets. You can also become infected if you come into direct contact with contaminated surfaces. A vaper is no more likely to spread the Coronavirus than anyone else. Just make sure to direct your vapor away from people as you’ve always done.

Does Vaping Increase The Spread Of COVID-19?

How Can Vapers Help Lower The Spread Of The Coronavirus?

Every vaper can reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Here are a few simple precautionary measures to help protect yourself and others.

1. Clean Your Hands – Follow the World Health Organisation guidelines on how to correctly wash your hands. This simple step can save lives. If you don’t have access to soap and water, ensure that you have an alcohol-based sanitizer on hand.

2. Clean Your Device – To help lower the spread of the virus via your device, make sure to follow these basic guidelines.

  • Don’t share your device with others.
  • Ensure your hands are clean before touching or using your device.
  • Reduce the amount of contact your device has with frequently used items or surfaces.
  • Wipe your drip tip down with an alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • Replace the eliquid in your tank or squonk bottle regularly.
  • Consider using a disposable device if you don’t have the time to clean it properly.

3. Keep Your Distance – Health officials from the CDC have been working tirelessly to help slow the spread of COVID-19. They’ve asked all American’s to do one important thing, which is to practice social distancing. Avoid close contact with others and try to stay a minimum of 6 feet away.

4. Stop The Spread – If you’re feeling unwell, stay home and self-isolate for at least 14 days. If you have to go out into a public space for supplies or medical care, we recommend wearing personal protective gear. This includes coveralls, face masks, and also goggles.

Is It Safe To Buy Vaping Products During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Is It Safe To Buy Vaping Products During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

The Coronavirus can only live on surfaces for a short period of time. As a result, you’re very unlikely to contract it from a new vaping product. We would though recommend against buying second-hand products online. Some of the most stringent medical-grade manufacturing procedures already exist within large Chinese based companies like SMOK, VOOPOO, and also Vaporesso.

While it’s not possible to purchase products in person anymore, you can buy them online. Trusted vendors in China like Vapesourcing and retailers in the USA like VaporDNA are good options. You may notice that some of your favorite products are either sold out or low on stock. This is because many manufacturing factories closed down for the Chinese New Year. Some also remained closed due to the Coronavirus.

Are Vape Stores Considered An 'Essential Business'?

Are Vape Stores Considered An ‘Essential Business’?

Many retailers are under strict instruction to remain closed unless they’re an ‘essential business. Unfortunately, brick ‘n’ mortar stores have been lumped into the ‘non-essential’ category. This is because they’re considered recreational. Sadly this is the case in many countries across the globe. But you can still safely and conveniently buy your vaping products online.

We Vape Mods encourage you to support your favorite online retailers. Although panic buying is so two weeks ago, dabbling in a bit of online shopping is one surefire way to stave off boredom. Comment down below what steps you’re taking to prevent catching and spreading the Coronavirus. We would love to hear how you’re going in these trying times.