Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid Review

Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid Review


Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid is an uncomplicated dessert mix that’s true to taste. It pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or as a treat after meals. The 20VG/80PG ratio aids in the buttery smooth throat hit and it also doesn’t produce as much obnoxious clouds. If your a smoker or new to vaping, I’d highly recommend checking out Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire. It belongs to an extensive range of flavors that include fruit, tobacco blends, and also classic drink flavors. Some of my personal favorites include Caramel Tobacco and Apple.

Vaper Empire is a trusted Australian brand that also has a distribution center located in the UK. With the ability to reach more vapers worldwide, unlike most other Australian companies, it’s no wonder that Vaper Empire is becoming a very familiar name. All of their eliquid is crafted in-house, with only the best quality ingredients. I can personally attest to how great they taste. Vaper Empire also boasts its own range of devices that include pens, pods, and starter kits.

Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in creamy custard by Vaper Empire includes a bold blend of vanilla and custard. It features a distinctive custard aroma that’s quite pleasant. The knuckle test produces a familiar custard taste but the nicotine does cut through a bit since the PG is so high. On the inhale, you’ll experience a sweet combination of the two flavor profiles. They intertwine well and it’s hard to distinguish them individually. Kudos to the ejuice chefs, they’ve done a fantastic job getting each concentrate at the right levels to produce a lovely puff.

On the exhale, you’ll taste more of the same. I recommend vaping dessert flavored vape juices at high temperatures to get the best results. It really does taste just like hot custard. Furthermore, I found it super easy to vape on consistently without getting sick of the flavor. I would happily recommend this to my friends and family without any hesitation. If you’re a bit of a sweet tooth like me, then Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire is an eliquid you really need to try.

Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Vape Juice Review


Creamy Custard Eliquid is available to buy right now from the official Vaper Empire website. They retail a sample sized 10ml bottle for just $11.95 AUD or a much larger 30ml bottle for $29.95 AUD. I would love to see some larger sizes be made to save a bit of money. It’s not a stretch to see people wanting at least 60ml or even 120ml versions after trying out a sample. What I really appreciated was the large selection of nicotine levels to choose from. This includes 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and also 24mg of nicotine. If you’re a pack a day smoker, I’d recommend the 18mg or 24mg. If you only smoke half a pack a day, the 6mg or 12mg vareities should be a good fit.

Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid Australian Review


Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid is packaged in a neat little cardboard box. It features a modern aesthetic that compliments the bottle design. Inside you’ll find your ejuice in a screw-top bottle. It’s easy to squeeze, leak-proof, and also has a needle-thin tip for easy application. The only downside to the overall presentation was the paper bottle labels. It’s not a huge thing, but I would personally prefer vinyl to aid in how the product presents itself and first impressions for potential consumers.

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Creamy Custard by Vaper Empire Eliquid Review
Well Known Australian Brand
Smooth VG/PG Ratio
Lovely Flavor Profile
Decent Asking Price
Paper Labels
Need 60ml & 120ml Bottles