Cubano by VGOD Vape Juice Review
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The Cubano by VGOD is one of three cigar inspired vape juices joining an already fantastic eliquid line, produced by VGOD. VGOD are well known for their top shelf mods and tanks, but you will be pleasantly supersized this type of quality trickles down to their juices.

Manufactured in the USA, VGOD pride themselves on being an active part of the vaping community worldwide. Releasing regular vaping content that embosses trick lyfe. Read on to find out what I thought of Cubano by VGOD.


The Cubano vape juice is a lightly flavored Cuban cigar mixed with a rich vanilla body. On the inhale you will taste the smooth tobacco as it hits the back of your throat gently. On the exhale the buttery vanilla overtones will kick in leaving you with a pleasant batter aftertaste.

This mix is very complex and furthermore full flavored. I personally love this eliquid and certainly cannot wait to try the other two cigar versions. I would also highly recommend this juice to anyone that likes a good cigar or is interested in trying a light cigar vape juice.

Cubano by VGOD Eliquid Review


As with the Bak-Lava, this juice comes in at the same low price of $16.99 USD for 60ml. You can get it with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. I am currently vaping the 6mg and notice no chemical aftertaste that some nicotine juices have consequently.


The Cubano by VGOD eliquid comes in a sturdy branded box. Once again I have trouble associating the design to the flavor. The box is matt black featuring a Mexican sugar skull. If I were to design the packaging I would have maybe gone with a deep brown, red and gold color scheme to better reflect what people associate with a real Cuban cigar.

Inside the box, you have your chubby gorilla bottle that has a fine tip. Even more, it’s easy to fill your tank with and no mess that you might get with a glass dripper.

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