Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank Review
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The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank is a monster-sized atomizer that makes chucking huge clouds of vapor relatively easy. It comes with three innovative airflow inserts and a new type of mesh coil. The Clapton mesh coil delivers rebuildable like flavor without the hassle of building and wicking. It’s all the craze at the moment and well worth checking out. But how does it perform and is the flavor good? Keep reading to find out.

Damn Vape is a medium-sized vape manufacturer that specializes in tanks. It’s back catalog features various RDA’s, RTA’s, and also Sub-Ohm Tanks. Other products released by Damn Vape includes the popular Diamond MTL RTA. The company was founded in 2017 and comprises of experinced engineers, friendly salespeople, and also support staff. Their main goal is to produce good quality products that are affordable and also inventive.

Damn Vape WOTAN Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Sub-Ohm Tank

The Damn Vape WOTAN is a big ol’ Sub-Ohm Tank. It measures an impressive 26mm’s in diameter by 41.4mm’s in height. The exterior is made from good quality stainless steel and the tube has been reinforced with Pyrex glass. Not only is it beefy but it’s also strong. This tank is durable enough to handle short falls or accidental knocks because of its robust design. The knurling is also very prominent, which makes threading much easier.

The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank boasts a pretty cool aesthetic; even with the bubble glass installed! On top is your stubby 810 drip tip that’s super comfortable to vape on. On the bottom is a Runes like design that ties in well with the overall theme. Wotan is another name for Odin who is a god in Norse mythology. The only thing that looked out of place was the orange o-rings.

Damn Vape WOTAN 26mm Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank can hold 2ml of eliquid with the straight tube installed. I would recommend ditching that and instead, use the included bubble glass. It can hold a whopping 5.5ml of ejuice! A simple 1/4 turn of your top cap will reveal two relatively large fill ports. Either hole can accommodate any chubby gorilla tip or glass dripper.

The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank comes with two coils. This includes a 0.3 ohm single mesh and a 0.3 ohm Clapton mesh. Both are rated up to 85 watts. The plug ‘n’ play nature of these coils makes them easy to install and remove. I experinced no leaks whatsoever, even after leaving the tank on its side. The kit also includes three inserts that are meant to change the type of airflow. In theory, this sounded cool but ultimately it didn’t really make a difference.

Damn Vape WOTAN 5.5ml Sub-Ohm Tank USA Review


The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank is currently available for pre-order from a select few stores. The best price I could find online was $22.99 USD from Health Cabin. Make sure to use our exclusive 10% off coupon code ‘WVM10’ at checkout. I think that’s a fair asking price considering just how big the tank and coils are. You also get the new coil type and also three inserts. I would recommend this tank to new vapers that love cloud chasing.


The Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank comes in a variety of classic colors. This includes black, gunmetal, and also stainless steel. I would like to see more colors added overtime. The packaging design is pretty standard and looks similar to Wotofo. Inside you’ll find your WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank, 2 x glasses, 2 x coils, 3 x airflow inserts, spare parts, and also a user manual.

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Damn Vape WOTAN Sub-Ohm Tank
Quality Construction
Durable & Robust
Cool Aesthetic
Large Eliquid Capacity
Clapton Mesh Coil
No Leaks
Fair Asking Price
Orange o-rings
Airflow Inserts Don't Really Work
Need More Color Options