Deckard by Outrun Vape is a premium eliquid that is good, but not great. Located in Queensland, Australia, Outrun Vape produce fantastic vape juice for a great price. Pumping out awesome flavors like Murphy and Predator among others. This though has influenced my expectation of every juice they produce to taste amazing. Deckard comes close but has some shortcomings. As always Outrun Vape deliver all their juices 1 week pre-steeped for your vaping pleasure.


Deckard’s main flavor profiles are strawberries and cheesecake. The juice smells very sweet in the bottle. On the inhale the taste of strawberries is the first flavor I experience. On the exhale the cheesecake is there but tastes very buttery to me. I would have loved the butter flavor to be toned down and to also include a batter/crust flavor into the mix. Don’t get me wrong I still like the overall flavor. As always this is just my opinion and you may love it just the way it is. I highly recommend you give this juice a try and see for yourself. Outrun Vape offer a super cheap sample pack for only $37.55 USD on their website.

Deckard by Outrun Vape Juice Review


Deckard is going to set you back around $14.95 AUD for a 30ml tube. They also do a much larger 120ml for $39.95 AUD, which is a bargain. I’ve said this a few times now but you really do need to pick up some of this juice while its cheap. The ratio of this juice is 65VG/35PG and is only available with 0mg of nicotine to comply with Australian law.


All their juices currently come in a thin black tube container with a thin needle like tip. I haven’t had any problems with spillage, which is good. The container is very colorful and vibrant. Dekard’s bottle features a red setting sun on the label, with the juices name written in bold square letters.

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Deckard by Outrun Vape Eliquid
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