Deep Fried Apple Pie by Vaporfi Eliquid Review
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The Deep Fried Apple Pie eliquid by VaporFi is a bold, full-flavored vape juice that tastes just like the real thing. I was slightly skeptical at first that a big company like VaporFi could get this right. But the chatter you undoubtedly will see online is true. Overwhelming positive reviews and praise from the vaping community. I personally loved this flavor and here’s why.


The flavor as described on VaporFi is a deliciously comforting deep-fried apple pie. On the inhale you will taste the strong flavor of cinnamon and subtle hints of apple as it tickles the back of your throat. On the exhale this is when the deep fried taste comes into play leaving your taste buds feeling satisfied with each breath.

This juice is a sweet tooth’s wet dream. My only gripe with this eliquid is that the cinnamon can be overwhelming when you first start vaping this flavor. I found myself coughing and spluttering on big hits, similar to what happened when I did the cinnamon challenge back in the day. But once I got used to the flavor it was fantastic. I would highly recommend this to any dessert lover.

Deep Fried Apple Pie by Vaporfi Vape Juice Review


This juice is going to cost you roughly $30 USD, £14.99 GBP or $39.50 AUD for 100ml. You can get this eliquid in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. For reference, I am currently vaping with 3mg of nicotine. I think $30 USD is fair for that amount of good liquid. VaporFi does offer a discount when signing up to their newsletter, so you may be able to get this juice cheaper.


I think the packaging is fantastic. It looks like something a hot apple pie would come in from a fast food restaurant. The black and green color scheme is iconically recognizable. The chubby gorilla bottle fits great in hand and is easy to add to any tank.

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Deep Fried Apple Pie by Vaporfi Eliquid
Authentic Taste
Good Value
Cinnamon Challenge