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The Desire CUT Premium 220W Mod Starter Kit with Bulldog Sub-Ohm Tank is another well thought out and superbly built device from the Desire Design team. This brand has done so well during 2018, releasing multiple well performing products to great success. I have been lucky enough to try out this vape starter kit for a few weeks. Please keep reading for a full breakdown of each component.


Sitting at 81mm high, 46mm long and 35mm in width, the Desire CUT Premium 220W mod feels great in hand. The ergonomic design is sleek and stylish. It’s also relatively light being only 161 grams without batteries. It felt comfortable in my pocket while vaping on the go and didn’t drag my pants down. If you own the Ohm Boy x Desire Rage Squonk 155W TC Box Mod ( 243 grams ), you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Desire CUT220 220W Mod Starter Kit with Bulldog Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Desire CUT Premium 220W Mod features some notable upgrades in comparison to its predecessor the Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod. This includes a novice mode which can automatically detect what coil you have installed and locks in an ohm. This works great with sub-ohm tanks, but not so much with rebuildables. I think that’s fair considering the kit was designed with sub-ohm tanks in mind. The other modes are pretty standard including device protection, auto lock features and short circuit defense.

Taking two 18650 batteries, with a maximum output of 220 watts, the Desire CUT Premium 220W Mod is a powerhouse device that can last all day long. The handy 1.3 inch OLED color screen shows your wattage, ohms, voltage, individual battery levels and puff counter. While the new 5 theme interface offers many more setting modes and LED color varieties, I didn’t particularly like that the screen and flashing logo looks to have been cheaply cut out instead of seamlessly integrating with the structure. But each to his own and this is only a minor gripe.

Desire CUT220 Premium Mod Starter Kit with Bulldog Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Sub-Ohm Tank

The accompanying sub-ohm tank for this vape starter kit includes the Bulldog which is 24.5mm diameter, 49mm height and weighs around 53 grams. It features a lovely resin and steel drip tip that absorbs heat very well for those who love a long drag. The intuitive push-top cap is smooth and works as intended. I wish it did slide a little further as some of my juice bottles have small tips. But that is more so bad bottle design.

Included in your box is two coils, one mesh ( 0.18 ohms ) and one ceramic ( 0.2 ohms ). Both work well and provide great flavor and vapor. You will also be happy to hear that your SMOK coils should fit snugly in this tank. I do prefer when companies allow interchangeable coil connections. The overall performance of this sub-ohm tank was quite good and I was pleasantly surprised.

Desire CUT 220W Mod Starter Kit with Bulldog Sub-Ohm Tank USA Review


The kit comes in 5 different colors including red, purple, black, white and blue. The cheapest price I could find for the Desire Design Cut Premium Starter Kit was $64.95 from Element Vape. The think this is a fantastic price that is competitive but fair.

Desire Design CUT 220W Mod Starter Kit with Bulldog Sub-Ohm Tank Review


I wasn’t a big fan of the IML plastic battery cover. While I do understand the personal touch aspect, the material feels cheap and I would have much preferred a total zinc alloy body. The packaging itself is high quality and looks nice. I like to keep the boxes for storage and feel this would hold up fine.

Inside you will find your Desire CUT Premium 220W mod, Bulldog sub-ohm tank, one pre-installed mesh coil, one spare standard ceramic coil, USB cable and manual. The white aesthetic of the internal packaging is nice and makes everything look clean. I think Desire Design have done a fantastic job and I look forward to their next product.

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