Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape Review

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape Review
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The Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape is a seriously satisfying mouth to lung rebuildable tank atomizer. It features an improved none diffusion airflow system and a compact cone-like chamber that produces fantastic flavor as a result. Straight out of the box, I could see that the Diamond MTL RTA was very well built. Furthermore, there were no obvious blemishes or tooling marks to be found.

Damn Vape is a vape design and manufacturer company based out of China. They were established in 2018 by a team of expert engineers that wanted to produce new and also innovative vaping products. Their first big success was the Doom RTA which was a huge hit with lots of YouTube vape reviewers. The Diamond MTL RTA has been made in collaboration with Jay Design. Keep reading for a full breakdown of this product.

Damn Vape x Jay Design Diamond MTL 22mm RTA Review


The Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape measures 22mm’s by 39mm’s by 22mm’s and is also made from primarily stainless steel. I found it to be relatively easy to build on despite the minimal working space that a single coil deck presents. It features a simple two post clamp system with a PEEK insulator around the positive terminal. This is all encased in a compact cone-shaped chamber that has a tiny chimney. This helps enhance the overall flavor.

In the center of the deck is a 1.5mm airflow hole that opens up on the side of the atomizer. This style of airflow was made famous by the Kayfun Lite. It provides a smooth MTL vape that’s restrictive and overall pleasant. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it. The airflow port has a hollow grub screw inside which allows you to modify the airflow without pulling apart your atty.

Diamond MTL 2ml & 3.5ml Rebuildable Tank Atomizer by Damn Vape Review


The Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape got a limited release and as a result, is only available from a handful of online vendors. The best price I could find was $24.99 USD from Vape Sourcing. I feel that’s a competitive asking price in comparison to similar RTA’s on the market. Overall the Diamond MTL RTA is well worth a purchase if you’re looking for a decent single coil rebuildable atomizer.

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The Diamond MTL RTA is available in two colors that include black and also stainless steel. The design is elegant and uncomplicated. The only branding that features on the tank is minimal and not obnoxious. The packaging is simple and to the point. Inside you will find your Diamond MTL RTA, glass tube, spare parts bag, and also a user manual.

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Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape
Easy To Build On
Spare Bubble Glass
Great Flavor
Tight Restricted MTL Draw
No Leaks
Threaded Top Cap