DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank Review

DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank Review
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The DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank is the world’s first dual-stacked atomizer that comes with five mesh coils! It features a large eliquid capacity, fantastic flavor, and is also affordable. This sub-ohm tank was made in collaboration with YouTube personality Mr. JustRight1. He’s had a hand in multiple vaping products like the popular WOTOFO Profile RDA. Has Mr. JustRight1 helped DOVPO create another hit? Keep reading to find out.

DOVPO is a medium-sized vape manufacturer that boasts a long list of top-selling products. This includes the Topside Dual Squonker, Odin, and also Blotto. First established in 2008, DOVPO has quickly become well-known for its research and development within the vaping industry. They pride themselves on developing new and innovative gear that improves upon the norm. Their customer-first approach is why they’ve done so well over the years.

Sub-Ohm Tank

The DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank measures 25mm’s in diameter and can hold an impressive 5.5ml of eliquid with the bubble glass installed. The tube is made from very strong and durable Quartz glass. In my opinion, it’s superior to Pyrex. Furthermore, it handles high temperatures much better. The outer chassis is constructed from 304 superior stainless steel. The machining is a bit rough in spots, but nothing too noticeable.

A half-turn of the DOVPO OHMAGE top cap will reveal two decently sized fill ports. I had no problems filling with a chubby gorilla bottle or glass dripper. It can though get a bit messy if you leave the tank lying on its side. The 810 wide bore resin drip tip looks fantastic and is friction fit. A touch loose, but not enough to fall out while on the go. Just make sure to not pick up your mod from the tip.

DOVPO OHMAGE 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank 5.5ml Review

The DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank boasts a plug ‘n’ play coil system. I’d recommend pressing your coils firmly into the tank or it can leak. Included in the kit are five proprietary mesh coils. This is unheard of and the generosity of DOVPO is much appreciated. The 0.2ohm and also 0.16ohm coils are rated from 30 to 55 watts. You can take them further than that though. This will though affect the longevity of your coil.

The OHMAGE Tank airflow ring features 6 different sized holes that can be closed off one by one. It does a really nice restrictive MTL hit. I just wish the air holes were a bit bigger. With the airflow fully open, it wasn’t restrictive or airy. I would have personally liked some more airflow. In saying that, the flavor is super smooth and also dense; with minimal clouds.

DOVPO OHMAGE Dual Stacked Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank USA Review


The DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $29.99 USD from Sourcemore. Make sure to use our exclusive 20% off coupon code ‘OHMT’ at checkout. That’s a fairly standard asking price for any sub-ohm tank. Overall, I think it’s well worth checking out. It’s perfect for vapers that enjoy using single battery mods. This is because it requires a relatively low amount of power.


The DOVPO OHMAGE Sub-Ohm Tank comes in just two colors. This includes black and also stainless steel. That does sound a bit limiting but in reality, you should be able to find a device to match. Furthermore, I quite like the look and feel of the tank. The packaging is relatively simple. Nothing too flash. Inside you’ll find your Ohmage Sub-Ohm Tank, 5 x coils, spare tube, parts, and also a user manual.

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Large Eliquid Capacity
Plug 'n' Play Coil System
Restrictive MTL
Great Flavor
Fair Price & 5 Coils Included
Nice Aesthetic
Rough Machining
Drip Tip Is A Bit Loose
Not Airy Enough
Basic Packaging