DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA Review

DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA Review
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The DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA is an aesthetically pleasing rebuildable tank atomizer that features super-smooth honeycomb airflow and fantastic all-round flavor. The Blotto RTA is the result of a collaboration between DOVPO and the Vaping Bogan. Sam from the Vaping Bogan is a popular Australian vape YouTube reviewer. He’s released a handful of top-rated products that include the Vandy Vape Bonza RDA and Bonza Tube.

DOVPO has also had its fair share of success as of late with the Topside Dual Squonk Mod, which was designed by The Vapor Chronicles. I admittedly always look forward to anything that the Vaping Bogan releases. This is because his products are innovative, very cool looking and also affordable. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the Blotto RTA and if I would recommend it or not.

DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto 25mm 6ml RTA Review


The Blotto RTA is unlike any other tank I’ve seen before. In true Vaping Bogan fashion it has a hilarious, but functional bottle cap style base. This homage is to the beer tasting bit that features in each one of his vape video reviews. The threaded top-fill system is buttery smooth and can be opened with a simple quarter turn. This exposes some massive kidney-shaped holes that allow ample room for chubby gorilla tips and glass drippers.

The standard tube has a 2ml capacity, while the bubble glass and Ultem section can hold a whopping 6.5mls! This is more than enough to last most vapers all day long. The deck of the Blotto RTA is another great feature that makes this tank noteworthy. It’s engineered to provide you with a full 242 degrees of airflow, in and around your coils. This is great because it delivers dripping like flavor from a tank atomizer.

DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review

One small trade-off to this unique airflow system is the build size limitation. The two post quad terminal deck can accommodate up to 3mm inner diameter coils. They’re secured in place by top side flat head screws. For me personally, it wasn’t a big issue and the overall vaping experience is amazing! I’m not usually an RTA fan, but the honeycomb style inlet holes on the Blotto RTA makes each draw super smooth.


The cheapest price I could find online was $33.95 USD. I think that’s very affordable and well worth a purchase. The Vaping Bogan and DOVPO have changed my perspective completely on what an RTA is capable of. The Blotto RTA is the new benchmark for what a top-shelf, well made rebuildable tank atomizer should be.

DOVPO x Sam The Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA USA Review


The Blotto RTA is available in a variety of cool colors that include black, stainless steel, and also gunmetal. The packaging is hefty and modern. Inside you will find lots of goodies that include your Blotto RTA, bubble glass section, bubble Ultem section, a bag of spares, and skull bottle opener. This seems quite fitting given the name of this RTA. The bottle opener also has a small slot on the top that can be used as a guide to cut your coil legs.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA.

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DOVPO x Vaping Bogan Blotto RTA
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