Today I’m reviewing a flavor called Vanilla Bean Milkshake, from the Due Time eliquid line. This fantastic range includes Lemon Bar and Crisp Fuji, to name a few. All of these ejuices have been expertly crafted by Apollo Vapes.

All vape juices contain only USP grade ingredients, blended within Apollo Vapes cutting edge laboratory located in California, USA. I can guarantee that you’ll not be disappointed when vaping on any of their eliquid. I recommend giving Vanilla Bean Milkshake one week to steep. This allows the contents to settle down and combine.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake by Apollo Vapes Ejuice Review


Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake’s flavor borders on being perfect. On the inhale you will taste an authentic vanilla flavor. It oozes richness and has an exquisite sweet profile. This is combined with a creamy milkshake flavor that is bold and sugary.

Would I go out and buy this when I run out? Hell yea! I would recommend Vanilla Bean Milkshake to vapers that enjoy a good dessert mix. The smooth vaping experience could potentially win anyone over, so why not give it a crack.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake by Apollo Vapes Vape Juice Review


Due time comes in two convenient sizes including 10ml and 60ml, depending on what Apollo Vapes website you visit ( USA or UK ), and you can expect to pay around $21.95 USD or £14.95 GBP. You also get your choice of nicotine content, varying from 0mg to 6mg.

If you do reside in the UK, a nicshot can be purchased for an additional £2.95 GBP.  In all fairness, I’d say its a good deal, but perhaps buy in bulk to save some dollars on your overall purchase.

Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake by Apollo Vapes Eliquid USA Review


Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake is a quality looking product that gives an impression of class and good taste. It does a great job of keeping up with the modern times in regards to its artwork style. Packaged in a dark tinted unicorn bottle, it comes complete with an industry standard childproof topper.

The label features the striking Due Time logo over a black background with watermarks of clocks and timepieces. I’d say its very upmarket. You can find the ingredients and safety warnings on the back of the bottle.

Comment below what you think of the Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake by Apollo Vapes Eliquid.

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Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake by Apollo Vapes Eliquid
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