The EPIC Starter Kit by JAK ECIG is a good device that can help smokers transition away from combustible cigarettes. The EPIC Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to get started vaping. This includes a compact pod system and flavored cartridges. The EPIC Starter Kit is simple to use and also requires very little previous vaping experience to operate. This ensures a no-fuss introduction into vaping.

The EPIC Starter Kit is manufactured by JAK ECIG, which is based in Illinois, USA. The research and development team at JAK ECIG have spent well over 12 months developing the EPIC Starter Kit before it’s final release into the market. Furthermore, they specialize in beginner kits and have been doing so since 2012. Please keep reading for a detailed rundown on this healthier alternative product.

EPIC 0.75ml Pod System by JAK ECIG Review


The EPIC Starter Kit comprises of two main parts. This includes an internal battery cell and an interchangeable cartridge. Please bear in mind that the cartridge can only be inserted one way. The cartridge to battery connection is a push-fit interlocking system. This means it won’t fall out while on the move. The main body also boasts a handy viewing window that helps you see how much eliquid is left inside the cartridge.

The cartridges can hold roughly 0.75ml of Nic Salt ejuice and are also non-refillable. All cartridges come in one strength only that’s 5% or 50mg. Being a cessation style device, this is understandable. Most smokers are used to high concentrations of nicotine, but it would have been nice to have some lower-level options. The vape quality matches the draw of a typical filtered cigarette and is fairly restrictive as a result.

EPIC Vape Pod & 4 EPIC Pods by JAK ECIG Review

The EPIC Starter Kit features a basic design that’s very similar to competing devices on the market. A single LED light will tell you how much charge is left in your device. White indicates more than 25% power and red means less than 25% power. To charge the pod, just attach it to the separate docking USB and connect it to a computer. It’ll take around an hour or so to fully charge a depleted battery.

Using the EPIC Starter Kit is fairly simple and requires no button pressing. Just inhale to activate the draw fire system. I found the vapor production to be light and airy. The flavor was ok, but not noticeably better compared to more well-known brands. I’d say it provided the right amount of strength, with minimal harshness. It would be a good device for smokers to try out vaping with.

EPIC Pod Device by JAK ECIG USA Review


The EPIC Starter Kit retails for $29.99 USD from the official JAK ECIG website. You can also pick up a spare pack of cartridges for just $11.99 USD. Also available are subscription packs of single/mixed flavors starting from $35.97 USD for a 3 month supply or $89.99 USD for a 10 month supply. I’d recommend trying out the starter kit to begin with and then invest in a subscription pack if you enjoy the device.


The EPIC Starter Kit by JAK ECIG will come packaged in a white branded box sleeve. Inside you’ll find a battery unit, charging dock plug, four flavored cartridges, and also a simple instruction leaflet. The cartridges are packaged in a neat foil blister pack. The flavors that are currently available to buy include tobacco, mint, mango, fruit, vanilla, pineapple, watermelon, blueberry and also strawberry.

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EPIC Starter Kit by JAK ECIG
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