Everything You Need To Know About Puff Bars

Everything You Need To Know About Puff Bars

Puff Bars have been making headlines in the USA ever since the February 2020 ban on flavored reusable pod systems. Being a disposable device, Puff Bars narrowly slipped through the current legalization that made cartridge and pre-filled e-cigarettes illegal ( unless the flavor was tobacco or menthol ). Powerhouse vape brand JUUL was dramatically affected by this law change. Their stocks dropped by 35%, which resulted in a loss of 13 billion dollars. This is because sweet flavors are universally more popular.

What Is A Puff Bar?

A Puff Bar is a disposable vaping device that comes in 20+ different flavors. This includes best-sellers like banana ice, cool mint, and also O.M.G. It’s considered an all-in-one product because you don’t need to refill it, charge it, or worry about different parts. A Puff Bar comes ready to go straight out of its packet. It’s the perfect device to consider if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.

cool mint puff bar

How Many Hits Are In A Puff Bar?

A Puff Bar has roughly 300 hits, give or take how hard you draw. This should last an average adult vaper a few days to a week depending on your own personal vaping habits. It’s important to note that a single Puff Bar is equivalent to a 20 pack of cigarettes. So take your time and pace yourself. You can potentially get more hits from your Puff Bar by drawing in more gently but once the eliquid or battery is out you’ll need to buy a new one.

How Much NIC Is In A Puff Bar?

A Puff Bar contains 1.3ml of eliquid and nicotine. Depending on where you buy your Puff Bar from you can usually choose between 2% ( 20mg ) or 5% ( 50mg ) of nicotine salt. Now, this may sound like a lot of nicotine, but Nic Salts is very different from freebase nicotine. It’s a new chemical that better imitates the effects of conventional smoking. This includes a quicker nicotine delivery rush and more bang for your buck.

puff bar NIC

Do Puff Bars Hurt You?

Puff Bars contain 70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine. Many people wrongly think nicotine causes smoking-related cancers. In fact, tobacco smoke contains 69 chemicals that are known to cause cancer in the human body. Nicotine on the other hand is an addictive chemical that could theoretically hurt you in the long run, if abused. The same could be said about other legal drugs like alcohol and caffeine.

Do Puff Bars Have Metal In Them?

Disposable electronic devices are known to contain extremely tiny amounts of metal. A 2018 journal discovered that 10 puffs from a BluCig device contained the following elements,

  • Silicon 1.368 μg
  • Calcium 0.229 μg
  • Zinc 0.048 μg
  • Selenium 0.040 μg
  • Tin 0.036 μg
  • Magnesium 0.017 μg
  • Boron 0.015 μg
  • Antimony 0.007 μg
  • Aluminum 0.006 μg
  • Arsenic 0.006 μg
  • Strontium 0.002 μg

For reference, a μg is a microgram or one-millionth of a gram.  Most of the metals listed above result from the coil in your vaporizer heating up. As it does this, tiny amounts of the coil metal are released into the vapor you inhale. In general, the daily exposure to metals from vaping is well below established safety limits.
puff bars metal

Are Puff Bars Bad For Your Teeth?

Puff Bars or any vaping device can be bad for your mouth and teeth if you don’t stay hydrated. It’s also extremely important to take care of your teeth by making sure you regularly brush, floss, and also visit the dentist. Nicotine in general does have the potential to cause gum recession, mask symptoms of gum disease, and cause bad breath. But people who experience these side effects are few and far between.

How Long Does A Puff Bar Stay In Your System?

Nicotine from a Puff Bar can remain in your bloodstream for up to 10 days. This depends greatly on how much you vape, your metabolism rate, and other medications you may be on. In saying that, traces of nicotine can last much longer in your hair and saliva. This can be upwards of a year. You can try and speed up the detox time by drinking lots of water, exercising, and also eating foods rich in antioxidants.

Fake Puff Bars

Are There Fake Puff Bars?

Due to the popularity of Puff Bars, the market has seen a huge spike in counterfeit devices. They’re generally made from low-quality materials and are commonly sold on Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. It’s relatively easy to spot a fake though. The first thing to look out for is the authentication code. This unique number can be registered on the official Puff Bar website. Other telltale signs include color, font, and also flavor.

Where To Buy A Puff Bar

At the time of writing this article, Element Vape appears to have stock still available. I would recommend picking up a Puff Bar 10 pack because it’s much more convenient and affordable than purchasing singles. Other popular online vape vendors like Eight Vape, Vapor DNA, and Breazy are currently sold out or have removed the product entirely. Even China-based vendors like Heaven Gifts and Vape Sourcing don’t list it on there website.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy A Puff Bar?

This ultimately depends on which country you live in. For example, you have to be 21 years old to legally purchase a Puff Bar or any vape in the USA. A new law passed by President Trump in late 2019 features an act that will penalize any retailer that sells vaping devices to underage people. In countries like the UK and Australia, the legal vaping age is just 18.

Why Are Puff Bars Banned?

Puff Bars are pretty tough to get ahold of at the moment. This is because the manufacturer recently failed to supply a Premarket Authorization to the FDA. This would allow them to legally sell the device in the USA. The FDA announced in an open letter that it issued multiple warnings to the manufacturers of Puff Bar to remove their products from the market.

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