Today I’ll be reviewing Exotica by Nectar Nation. They’re an Australian eliquid manufacture based out of the Gold Coast. Exotica is available in a 70VG/30PG ratio. This is pretty common, as it works great in both sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers. As previously mentioned, Nectar Nation ejuices are made and sold within Australia. Due to local vaping laws all of Nectar Nation’s eliquid is only available with zero nicotine.

Exotica by Nectar Nation Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles of Exotica are kiwi fruit, wild berries, jack fruit and apples. Upon receiving Exotica and opening up the bottle, I was treated to a delicious fruit aroma. Unfortunately the taste did not match the smell. I found the flavors to be on the lighter side of what I was expecting, but accurate.

The kiwi fruit, wild berries and jack fruit blend seamlessly with the more dominant apple flavor. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good vape, but not the best that Nectar Nation has to offer. I would instead recommend Berry Bouza for fruit lovers.

Exotica by Nectar Nation Vape Juice Review


On the Nectar Nation website, they offer two different sized bottles. The two sizes are a 30ml bottle and a 60ml bottle. A 30ml bottle of Exotica will cost you $10.90 AUD and a 60ml bottle will set you back $19.90 AUD. If you were to break this down to cost per mil, you are paying a measly 36 cents. That’s good value for money.

Exotica by Nectar Nation Eliquid Australian Review


The packaging is a blue tinted plastic dripper bottle. The label is black with white writing. In the center of the label is a small drawing of a fruit bowel containing sliced pieces of fruit. The fruit slices are colored in, making the logo stand out against the rest of the label.

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Exotica by Nectar Nation Eliquid
Accurate Flavor ProfilesLow Cost Per ML
Flavors Are A Bit LightLabel Design Needs Work

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